Apple PDA?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Daner3, Mar 29, 2003.

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    Apple PDA? iPod2?

    OK All, I am a dreamer of a cool multimedia device made by apple ala newton or an updated color ipod. I know all the issues with battery and cost and the fact that apple has failed in the past, but I still want one.

    Don't bother with the usual "get an iBook" or the "AlBook 12 is what you want".

    I want a small handheld made by apple and will hold off on the Clies and Tungstens until I get one. I am in no hurry.

    Flame Away!

    PS I have been reading rumours for 2 years and this will happen someday you all know it!
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    here we go again....

    the rumors never stop. i for one don't care if apple make a pda or not, i wouldn't use it. I'm sure a lot of people would be extremely happy though. i always read about the love people have of the newton, and thats an old device.

    well...maybe if apple did make an extremely useful pda i might change my mind...i might be able to use something like that given the right features.
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    If it is useful enough to replace my 500 Mhz iBook, I'll buy it. But if it does not run OS X apps, then I don't need it.
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    >here we go again.... (howard)

    Glad we could make your day...again.

    As far as I have noticed, any rumors lasting strong for more than a week about some topic "A" means there will be some "A" soon. jefhatfield made this observation a while back, but in different terms.

    My conscious tells me there will be a PDA from Apple soon.

    eyelikeart, if you are reading this, no means to disappoint. :)
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    Has anyone actually drawn this up on paper? Looks like one freakishly large PDA... except, if the dimensions they have are correct, it's turned sideways. That means it's wide screen. Almost looks about proportional to the 12" iBook... but this one has no keyboard.

    So if it's real, they have developped some bizarre tablet thing, not a PDA (at least in the traditional sense)

    I suggest everyone draw it out before speculating... it's not at all the same as an iPod or PDA. MacWhispers called it a "Mini-Tablet."

    Weird, anyway.
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    Drawings? I've seen many... Some guy on AppleInsider made a physical mockup with photoshopped prints on each side. It looked pretty neat, IMHO he made it too thick.

    The thread always starts out with a newer, thinner, color PDA much like an Apple Newton; then it becomes a low-power G3 running Mac OS X; then people add firewire, hard drive, USB, DVD-ROM, and it ends up being a thick heavy keyboardless iBook.

    The people who want the PDA (like me) don't want optical and hard disk in the thing, we want low weight, rigid case, and very, very long battery life. The people who want the keyboardless iBook won't really be happy until it has a 970 processor and a gig of RAM.

    These are really two different products. No single product will satisfy both camps.
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    The problem here is that people talk about the Newton when they talk about an Apple PDA. Other issues aside, the Newton wasn't any good until it was a mini-tablet.

    Apple should go down the mini-ish tablet road again, and recent rumors at Spymac and Macwhispers seem to suggest we're headed in that direction. (Bring on the iNewton!)
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    Considering the fact that both Macwhispers and Spymac are reporting that an Apple tablet is on the way, I'd say that well see an iTablet or an iPad or something like that in the near future.

    Anyway, have a look at this. I stumbled upon it at the Spymac gallery just a while ago. I doubt it's at all similar to what Apple actually has in store for us, but it's cool.
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    With hard drive capacities increasing for less cost, why would Apple put only a 20gig drive in when a 30- or 40-gig would be nicer?
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    5 x 7 inches is what that Macwhispers converts to. Smaller than what I'd say a PDA should be. But who knows. At that size it would be perfect as a digital pictureframe. The fact it has some depth suggests even some kind of digital camera. Based on the dimensions, I think it could be a digital camera based PDA. Only time will say!
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    hmm you could be on to an interesting product...imagine hooking a thing frame-like screen up to your computer and loading a picture or a few pictures and then you unplug it and it sits at your desk as a normal picture would.

    you could even load up a few different pictures and have them change periodically..have "picture playlists"

    would anyone else be interested in something like could say...oh thats what we have a desktop for..but really isn't your desktop covered up by stuff all the time? it certainly is right now. this would be a true digital picture frame...
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    Say it with me:

    "iTablet this Tuesday!!!!"
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    This coming from a site where their BIG story last week was that Apple was GOING to start selling fonts online.....(For those that didn't know this has been up since OS X Public Betas)....

    " Since posting this story, many readers have pointed out that this web page has been on the Apple site, and accessible directly through OS X, since as early as the original release of OS X Public Beta."

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    I believe that any tablet apple would come out with will be able to use an iPod via firewire for additional HD space. It will have the ability to display pictures and your imovies on a loop when sitting on your desk. Throw in bluetooth and you will be able to use the bluetooth mice and keyboards with it as well. Phone capabilites and on/offline web page viewing, aac for smaller files, apple music service, voice commands. This is going to rock!:D
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    April Fools! ;)
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    cant macs already do this? no?

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