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apple please make this ipod

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by keithpetey, Jan 19, 2005.

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    am i the only one out here with this idea? one of this biggest things i wish the ipod had was wireless capabilities. imagine it, im sitting on the couch in the front room, pull my ipod out of my pocket, turn it on and it starts playing on my home speakers via airtunes. or im at school with my ibook and i want to get some files off my ipod. instead of getting out the firewire cable, hooking them up, looking for a place to set it down, i can turn on my ipod and it makes an adhoc network with my ibook and i can get files off of it like that. im sure there are many other uses for it too. i was just sitting on my bed wishing i could do this and thought i should let others know. including apple since they seem to read these.

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    THat's a good idea and all, but unless I'm mistaken, all that wireless use would put ALOT of strain on the battery.
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    yeah they would probably need a powerful new battery... and the wireless card (BT?) would also need some space.... wish it would heppen though...
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