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Apple Posts WWDC 2007 Session Descriptions

Discussion in 'MacRumors.com News Discussion' started by MacRumors, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Apple has posted some details on the various conference sessions that will be available at the Worldwide Developer's Conference 2007.

    The sessions are divided into 6 tracks:

    - Leopard Innovations
    - Mac OS X Essentials
    - Information Technologies
    - Developer Tools
    - Graphics and Imaging
    - Content and Media

    The Leopard session descriptions are not particularly revealing, but does remind us of some upcoming features of Leopard that have previously been revealed:

    An original overview of Leopard remains posted on Apple's site, but Steve Jobs hinted in August 2006 that several "top secret" features of Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) were being held back in Leopard and would not be revealed until a later date. Very few details about these secret features have been leaked to date, but many have speculated on significant visual changes to finder.

    Leopard has been targeted for a "Spring 2007" release. WWDC 2007 takes place between June 11-15th in San Francisco.
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    Nice, I wish I could go. A bit pricey though.
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    it sucks because apple is waiving the registration fee.... but i can't go because of timing issues :(
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    I finished my application for the student scholarship today before the deadline. Hope I make it on that.
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    Visual changes to Finder? How about some functional changes, starting with getting rid of those &$*# .DS_Store files Finder drops everywhere.
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    funny...apple leaks no hardware updates..:apple: :(
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    yeah i kno,, but did not really expect them to post that, that would stop lottttts of sales of the hardware available right now... also maybeeeeeeee and this i believe the hardware upgrades and leopard releases will happen just a bit before WWDC, or then again maybe,, that wil be the "one more thing" thing
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    it's so far away...please let there be mac pros before that...pleeeease.Maybe new ipods will get the spotlight...
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    mac pros?? yeah i can see that coming,, not iPods tho, they would steal thunder of the iPhone, i think (and really hooope) we will see the first Santa Rosa platforms out by then....can't wait to get a SR.MB
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    I agree with the iPods. I would guess about a month of frantic buying time for the iPhone before new ipods come out. That will let the public get their hands on it and those who were planning on buying iPhones right away have already done so.
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    It would be absolutely ridiculous if Apple doesn't release new Mac Pros before then. I'd be mad... So, so, mad. Mad like a swatted bee. Mad like a drunk Mel Gibson. :mad: :mad: :mad:
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    I posted about this over a week ago. Oh, wait, I posted the details of the OSX updates from the WWDC site :)

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    The imac is almost 10 years old.
    I wonder if they might announce minor updates to hold over for an imac to celebrate its 10th anniversary.
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    Doctor Q

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    What apps that ship with Mac OS X might take advantage of iChat Theater?
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    No Leopard until after June.
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    Wow. Apple is keeping major details close to their chest.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't announcing new Leopard features introduce more bugs/issues with the next developer seeds? I can't see how they can even think of a Spring 2007 release if that happens. Are they just testing these features internally?
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    Nice to see Cocoa finally taking the driver seat.
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    Holy eff June!?? No updates/secrets revealed of any kind until June?? Jebus...
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    Does this picture:

    Remind anyone else of the 1984 ad?
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    Proper MSN support for iChat!!! Please Apple Please
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    I had my employer talked into going, but I guess they decided that I didn't need to learn any more and instead budgeted three times as much for our Sysadmin to go to some MS networking workshop. Pfft. Blow me.
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    Um, maybe it's all the political correctness that the media beat into me, but doesn't it seem weird that everyone in that picture is a white male?
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    My political correctness left me when i got rejected from a college roster so that they could fill their Affirmative Action quota. Those are the bad seats, all the minorities are up front.

    edit: oh, and the politically correct term would have been, Caucasain Male.
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    Now that you mention it, yes. However, what I noticed is that it is probably a real picture, rather than a staged PR image, due to the fact that it is made up exclusively of white men, rather than the diverse population Apple likes to portray itself as.


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