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Apple Releases the MacBook Pro

Discussion in 'MacRumors News Discussion (archive)' started by MacRumors, Jan 10, 2006.

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    Apple has released the fastest notebook ever, dubbed the MacBook Pro, featuring an Intel Core Duo processor. Features of the new portable include a built-in iSight camera, IR Sensor, Apple Remote, ATI Radeon x1600 video processor, and a new, innovative magnetic power plug. The new MacBook Pro is available in two configurations:

    1.67 Core Duo - $1999
    Ships: February
    15.4-inch TFT display with 1440x900 resolution
    1.67GHz Intel Core Duo processor with 2MB shared L2 Cache
    667MHz frontside bus
    512MB (single SO-DIMM) 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM (PC2-5300)
    80GB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
    Slot-load SuperDrive (DVD±RW/CD-RW)
    ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 128MB GDDR3 memory
    iLife 06

    1.83 Core Duo - $2499
    Ships: February
    15.4-inch TFT display with 1440x900 resolution
    1.83GHz Intel Core Duo processor with 2MB shared L2 Cache
    667MHz frontside bus
    1GB (single SO-DIMM) 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM (PC2-5300)
    100GB 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive
    Slot-load SuperDrive (DVD±RW/CD-RW)
    ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 with 256MB GDDR3 memory
    iLife 06

    MacBook Pro also features a full-size backlit keyboard, AirPort Extreme wireless networking (802.11b/g), Bluetooth 2.0+EDR, ExpressCard/34 slot, dual-link DVI video out, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 2.0, FireWire 400, and optical digital and analog audio in/out.

    The MacBook Pro is available for preorder at Apple Store.
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    Now I know why Steve saved this until the very last second!

    One word: W00T!

    For this occasion, I think I speak for everybody! :D
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    There we go. Just as expected!

    My Visa card just leapt out of my wallet like a spawning salmon. In slow motion. Glittering in the sunlight. Majestic music.

    OK... bigger screen, thinner case, iSight camera, remote control (works with docked iPods too), dual CPU cores... and same case? Good. I LOVE the durability/scratch-resistance of my 2-year-old aluminum PowerBook.

    Some notes on the specs... ExpressCard/34, not PC Card. FW 400 only. (FW800 only on some higher 17" model yet to come I assume?) Digital optical audio, mic, scrolling trackpad and lighted keys still standard. Slightly bigger screen, but wider in shape with slightly fewer pixels: 1440x900 (the old 15.2 had 1440x960). That's OK by me: I'm not a fan of tiny pixels. 128 or 256 VRAM. All models support 30" external screen apparently. No mention of TV out, but I assume it's still there (or at least with an adapter).

    Slightly bigger footprint now: 9.6" deep vs. the old 9.5, and 14.1" wide vs. the old 13.7. Thinner but wider--if your old case is tight, you may need a new one. And it looks like the power brick is new--rectangular, but otherwise similar to the old square one. Still has the nice switchblade prongs.


    Now, somebody who knows laptop GPUs... how will the new MacBook's ATI X1600 be for Doom 3, say? My 2-year-old PB runs it... barely.

    (And it can't be long until MacBook Express, or multiple screen sizes, or whatever replaces the iBook... and even a new Mac Mini... these are the first Intel Macs, not the last!)
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    Ordered! The 1.83 Core Duo with 1 GB of RAM.
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    It appears that FW 800 is dead, unless the PowerMacs see it, That new power cord alone is worth it.
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    :O :)

    I'm a bit disappointed that there is no FW800 and not that many USBs, but still very cool!!

    Now i have to save up for one lol...
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    And so did mine. And then I saw the price and it went back in again. Once again the $ to £ conversion is just rubbish for UK buyers.
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    I was wondering if Steve had a laptop up his sleave but I never expected a new um Powerbook.....ur Mac book Pro, don't like the name so much. But love the result it brings.
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    I want one but im way too poor and i already have a 1.5GHz 15" which is really fine for my needs.

    Damn not being rich
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    Couldn't find it in the tech specs, but the Apple site is also swamped.

    Does anyone know if the MacBook Pro has Sudden Motion Sensor? It should, but since I couldn't find it, thought I'd ask.

    And yeah, the new power adapter is an excellent thing.
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    This is a sad day. :(

    It means the official end of "Powerbook G5 next Tuesday" comments. :D

    About FW800... is it on any of the Windows-based Core Duo laptops? I'm betting this MacBook is a very generic design, whose sole purpose is to be out there as an alternative to them. Apple probably didn't want to spend a whole lot of time adding flair to what may be a transitional model before they really make the MacBook stand out from the crowd.

    I'd bet that the Intel based PowerMacs (or whatever they get called) will have FW800.
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    Yes. I saw it briefly in a description somewhere... hahaha sorry. So vague and w/out a link to prove it. :eek:
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    This is the machine I wanted a year ago... too bad I can't afford one now. :)

    No FW800 is disappointing, but not a big deal. I'll wait for Rev. B.
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    No mention of battery life anywhere -- not even in the tech specs. I imagine if you crank the display up to full brightness and max out the CPU speed, this thing doesn't last long at all. I'd be interested to know how long it could last doing basic stuff -- word processing, surfing, etc. -- with the monitor dimmed down to the same level as the old PowerBook.
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    The new books do have Sudden Motion Sensor.
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    I'll take the liberty of guessing that the new battery life is better left unsaid. :p
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    Firewire 800 bandwidth is way more than is need for the majority of today's external devices, and for field video production use, is way more than required since acquisition codecs like DVCPROHD only goes up to 100mbits. If one piece of technology could be removed, FW 800 would be it. There's always the PC card option to add back FW 800 functionality.

    Overall, a very impressive update!

    Here's to the Crazy Ones [​IMG]
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    MacBook 13" next July?

    duplicate thread

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    I want a smaller vers. Will definately wait for the 13"!
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    Dual booting with other OSs? Hmm...

    What I'm curious about in this whole charade? Hmm...will it be able to dual boot a certain you know what OS now that it's here...whether it be a linux, windows system, etc...

    (No flames, just that I want a system that can handle two OSs, and now that the opportunity's presented itself in a way that I can appreciate it...)

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    MacBook 13" next July?

    Yeah but it heralds the birth of "MacBook 13" next Tuesday?" threads :D

    Don't fancy the name too much though
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    We now have CPU choices

    As I expected, Apple is selling Intel and PowerPC models side by side.

    Giving people this choice is smart: it makes it much less critical when certain apps are or are not Universal. If you need a top Velocity Engine machine right now, you can get that. If it makes sense for you to jump on Intel now, you have that choice too.

    Apple did the same thing with the G5 (kept selling G4 PowerMacs) and even the G3 (kept selling G3 iMacs after the sunflower Mac was out). And they also kept selling OS 9-booting Macs after the main lineup went OS X only.

    Re FW800... I have an 800 drive, but I do know that it doesn't get that much benefit from 800. It's not a RAID. Luckily my LaCie supports FW400 too!

    (And maybe FW800 will come via that new ExpressCard slot?)
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    I literally screamed and jumped out of my chair when he did that as the "One More Thing...". Oh my goodness, I am so excited about it! Thanks for the live coverage, MR.

    What about educational discounts? Will those be available after February for the MBPs? Otherwise, I can't afford even the basic one.

    Also - there shouldn't be that much of a price gap inbetween the two models. Just my opinion, though.

    When May comes around, this mofo will be mine...:D
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    the apple web site doesnt even mention anything about battery time. interesting.
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    There are three things that really bug me, the rest is brilliant.

    First, no more FW800 (although the more I thought about this the less I cared, most FW800 drives support FW400 too).

    Second, why no mention of battery life / usage. This is very troublesome, I wanted to know if we gained anything from this intel switch. Even a confimation of what the old PBs had would be nice.

    Third, export to TV via (s-video, or something?!). Maybe this does exist but I didn't see anything on it. Exporting to TV is something I use all the time with my PB, not being able to do that would really annoy me.

    Otherwise, well done apple, well, well, done.

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