Apple Releases WWDC App for iOS Devices

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 2, 2011.

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    Apple today released a new iOS app [App Store] to assist attendees at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference next week. The app provides a number of scheduling and informational items including news and photos from the conference, as well as the ability to make reservations to meet with Apple staff at various labs throughout the conference.
    WWDC is a universal application supporting all iOS devices running iOS 4.2 or later.


    Article Link: Apple Releases WWDC App for iOS Devices
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    is this a new thing this year?
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    Too bad

    No one can download it because of the 5002 error in itunes! Me anyways...
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    Won't work : (

    Humm... It won't work. I hit "Free" then "Install" then type in my password, hit enter, the app closes as usual, then nothing no scroll to next page and download.

    Note: I am not attending the WWDC, if this is why I can't get it, that makes sence.

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    That's not it. Their servers are down. I'm on the phone with them right now.
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    phew! thought it was just me!
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    Nah you're good! Unfortunately, they didn't give me an ETA or anything, and they don't seem to know what the issue is, so I can't give you a timeframe or anything.
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    Nerdiest app yet?

    Come on... Download already
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    Haha, great thank : )
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    Yes, they didn't have anything like this last year,
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    Can't get to the App store either

    Both, Canadian and American stores are acting up. Can't update apps, download, nothing, and they keep asking for password.
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    The Dutch store as well, also getting error 5002. I've seen on different forum that UK store has the same error (today, I checked).
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    Hey, I can download it now!
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    When you download it you need to be attending wwdc to actually see any of the information.
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    Wow, they already have photos of WWDC 2011 before it's even happened! :rolleyes: ;)
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    I wish this wasn't just for attendees, I would love to see some pictures of it while its going on.
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    Access is limited to WWDC attendees only via Apple ID verification.

    Oh well, at least the icon is fun to look at.
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    Would be nice if they had a keynote app for watching the streaming feeds. :)
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    Everything works fine for me...:cool:
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    Back in the dim and distant past, before these new-fangled connected iPhones and iPads, I used to run a website called 'expodition' that allowed you to download guides like this and use them on your iPods.

    It used the iPod's 'Notes' feature and would enable you to view schedules and stuff on your iPod simply by downloading the file, connecting your iPod to your PC/Mac in disk mode, and copying it on.

    WWDC was a popular one, but also other destinations and attractions, too.

    Ahhhh... memories...

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    Uh, yeah they did. It was distributed only to attendees either via email or the developer download site, I forget which, and you had to install it manually via iTunes.
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    i'm glad to see apple doing this. too bad i'm not attending though. maybe one day...
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    Looks like a cool app, sure wish I could attend and use it.
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    They most certainly did have this exact thing last year. The only difference, if I remember correctly, is that you had to install it in an Ad Hoc sort of manner rather than via the App Store.

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