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Apple store down

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Max Miles, Aug 7, 2004.

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    Max Miles

    as of 10:00pm pacific time saturday...
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    Does that mean a new product every time, or does Apple periodically do maitainance on the store?

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    large amounts of sarcasm

    ooh! ooh! ooh! ooh! this must meen poWarbooKz gg5z!! yay 4 the gee5! poWarBOokz geefour is teh suxorz!!
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    Max Miles

    It appears the only thing they changed was higher prices on products for developers...
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    Re: large amounts of sarcasm

    Why did you post that?

    And just because someone posts that the Apple Store is down doesn't mean you need to go that far... you know, this reminds me of that skit called: "How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb?" (Check it out, it's funny.)

    They should have added in: 2 people to express sarcasm, 2 more to ask why the other 2 were sarcastic, and another 2 to flame the previous 4.
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    ANd I think they also needed to mention those who will comment on the next geenration of light bulbs, why they will be better and when they are coming out...and how Apple will lead the way with the next best light bulb (which wont also function as a PDA) :p
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    Staff Member

    Or a cell phone. But it might have a scroll-wheel. Teehee!
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    Max Miles

    Yeah but guys, Apple doesn't sell lightbulbs. Nowhere did I mention Apple selling lightbulbs. In fact, Steve has pulled them off the shelves specifically BECAUSE you guys started talking about 'bulbs', 'bulbs', 'bulbs'. And their Apple Store was never, according to Appleinsider, intending to sell lightbulbs more than $.99. God! What is up with you guys? Let Apple make the bulbs, and install them too!

    LOL, thanks for the laughs

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