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Apple TV questions

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by daytimeninja, Jul 30, 2009.

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    Ok, so is it possible to stream my iTunes purchases from my Windows PC, to an Apple TV or do I have to purchase them on the Apple TV?

    thanks for the help
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    You can stream from any Mac or PC with iTunes.
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    Anything that works in iTunes will work on the AppleTV. Whichever computer you set it up with becomes the main source, and as far as I know, the music from that machine must be transferred/synced to the AppleTV in order to play, but movies can be streamed.

    You can also connect other computers to the AppleTV, up to 5 I believe, which you can use to stream music/movies to the AppleTV.
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    No, music can be streamed too, and the :apple:TV can also act as remote speakers for itunes on your computer.
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    I know it can be streamed from computers, but I just never had any luck streaming the source Mac's music. I could only get it to play that music if it was synced. I could very well be wrong though.
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    Thanks for the help guys. As long as I can play my iTunes purchases on my TV, it's great.

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