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Apple TV sort order

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by sclusiv, Jun 9, 2008.

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    Hi ...

    Is there a fix the sort by name ordering issue in Take 2 ...

    example - the Indiana Jones movies don't show up in order even when I have Indy 1, Indy 2 and Indy 3 in the sort name box ... they end up sorting alphabetically ...

    Thanks for your help.
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    I don't have this problem at all and I actually used the sort fields specifically for the Indy movies. lol You sure you have the sort option set up right?
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    Is this done in itunes or apple tv itself ...

    thanks ...
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    It's done in iTunes. You can't edit anything on the Apple TV itself.
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    How is this done? I know iTunes pretty well but I can't seem to find any settings that affect sort order. For example I have all 4 Alien movies and in the Sort Name field I have Alien 1, Alien 2, etc. They are sorted in the correct order in iTunes, but not on the :apple:TV either. I do not sync the movies, I only stream.

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    I don't know what you're looking at that it doesn't sort on the Apple TV because if it's sorted in iTunes, it should be on ATV. Make sure you have the most recent version I suppose.
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    Are you syncing the movies? I don't, but even when I did sync the movies to the :apple:TV they didn't sort correctly.

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    I do both. It doesn't matter. The only reason it wouldn't show is if you have it listed as TV show or music and not movie. I haven't messed with those settings. Only movies.
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    Hmm. I have the movies categorized as "movies" since they show up under My Movies. But no correct sort order. I wonder what I'm doing differently?

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    I'm not at my computer now so I couldn't tell you unfortunately. Take a screenshot of the main tagging tab and the sort tab and post here. I'll take a look. Do it for 2 or 3 of the Indy movies or any series you're manually wanting sorted, that way I see exactly what's going on.
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    I don't use a space between Alien and 1

    I number series of movies as follows:


    Works for me... let me know if that fixed it.
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    I'll give that a try when I get home.

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    Shouldn't make a difference, but I suppose it's worth a try for him. *shrug*
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    tried it this way ... not working for indy movies ... crusade shows up first ... doesn't work for the alien series either ...

    any suggestions ...

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    This method does not work for me either. On my :apple:TV the Alien movies are still in the wrong order:
    Alien: Resurrection

    I even did a soft restart to force the :apple:TV to sync all the information from iTunes. This is quite the puzzle.

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    The Aliens series show up the same for me ... perhaps if we Squeegify and then Lostify ... link ... anybody else try this utility ...

    And if someone knows a PC version /or similar of Lostify ... please let me know

    thanks ...
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    i have issues with this as well. my indiana jones, harry potter, and lord of the rings rips are in the correct order in itunes but not on apple tv. can anyone who has gotten sort name to show up correctly on apple tv post some screen shots of the movie tags, and a picture of everything looking right on the tv?
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    I'll do this tonight when I get home. :)
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    I had the exact same sorting problems (with specifically the Indy and Harry Potter movies), but I got it to work by using Metax to set the sort tags (sort field: "Indiana Jones 1" .. "Indiana Jones 3"), and then re-importing the movies to iTunes. Now they are sorted as they should be.
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    This could potentially be the problem for everyone else as well. My tags were done in MetaX. This could be a coding issue. There are plenty of fields within iTunes that aren't necessarily flagged as feeding to the AppleTV and if you're inputting the sort information directly into iTunes, it may not feel the need to communicate that. Good catch NJuul.
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    Sorry for the delay in getting back to this thread -- been busy actually working. :(

    So, as others have said, I have relied on MetaX to do my sorting, i.e.: I have entered Alien01, Alien02 etc. into MetaX.
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    metax seemed to do the trick. thanks!

    i had avoided metax in the past, but now it seems they have added the tag fields i had wanted (long description, track/disc number), so maybe it is time to replace lostify after all!
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    Using MetaX to enter the "sort name" tag data sound like a reasonable explanation for why the sorting isn't working for me. I had not originally entered the data in MetaX, but just done it through iTunes. I'll give MetaX a try when I get home and see how that works.

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    It turns out it is not necessary to tag the files exclusively with MetaX. What I did have to do was remove the items from the library and re-add them, once I had set the "sort name" tag in iTunes to get them to show up correctly on the :apple:TV. This seems to be a bug, to me.


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