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Apple typing device

Discussion in 'Apple Collectors' started by IIvan, Mar 22, 2004.

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    When I was in elementary school, We used to have these Apple typing things. They were not eMates, they were beige, and roughly rectangular. What you did was type on them and then hook them up to a mac via ADB, and transfer what you had typed. They had a keyboard, and a small monochrome LCD for displaying text, and somewhere around 12 storage banks for papers. We used to have a bunch to use when an assignment had to be typed. Do any of you know what I am talking about and if they can still be found?
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    Anybody? I cant seem to find it searching- too many other Mac items
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    Alpha Smart? Sounds like what you mean. They're still around. They have USB now--also ADB and PS/2 I think.
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    you are not talking 'bout the Mac Portable, are you???

    other than that, I have absolutely no clue what you are talking about...

    maybe it was some kind of third party hardware? we need more datails :confused:

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    Got it!

    Alphasmart is it- the Alphasmart Pro int. sometime in 1994-5.

    Look at this picture

    Also available cheap on ebay

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    I have a friend who has a PS/2 AlphaSmart (I'm a freshman in highschool). He uses it to take notes during English. Its a pretty nifty thing! I would like one, but doubt I would find enough use for it to justify the price.
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    My school has a bunch of them. They bought them, most likely, because they are "neat." They really encourage all the teachers to make use of them, but as you might expect they don't train the teachers on them. HERE THEY ARE, BE BRILLIANT! It took years to get them to buy me IntelliKeys, which I can actually use every day

    We have one kid who uses one as a communication system. He doesn't talk so he types into the alphasmart and it reads his messages back. It's sloppy though--there are purpose built units that do that much much better but you're not getting one for $250 or whatever the alphasmart costs.

    For general purposes you'd be better off paying more and getting a laptop computer.
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    Sure- but these old things are about $20 or 30 on ebay, maybe free from a school getting rid of them. Could be quite useful if you just need a portable typing solution- and if its lost or stolen....no big deal

    Perfect if you only need a simple way to store type portably
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    If you can get them cheap and it's the right tool for the job then go for it.

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