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Apples Future With The IBM 970 CPU

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Mr. Anderson, Mar 27, 2003.

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    Mr. Anderson

    So, this is all speculation, but I have a few questions to ask.

    The 970 is going to be the future for Apple it seems and we'll see that in the PowerMac this year. But what about the iMacs? Can Apple put in a 1.25 G4 in a LCD iMac and have it stay cool enough?

    I'm thinking this might be the end of G4s in the iMacs real soon. Looking at the heat sinks for these processors, it just doesn't seem feasible that we'll be seeing higher clock speeds in the iMacs.

    Does anyone think that after the first round of 970s come out, that they'll upgrade the whole line....dual 970s in all the PowerMacs and single 1.3 GHz 970s in the iMacs, and possibly even in the PowerBooks. G4s would then go in the iBooks.

    Don't flame me, I don't know how big the heat sinks will be for the 970s, but it is interesting to wonder if the heat issue will be a big deal for future iMacs.

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    Dont Hurt Me

    Hey duke street this has been on my mind also. I would love a gamers imac if you will or say a 970 based imac. with the 7457 slated for the end of the year it is possible that apple would wait for the 7457 and put that into the imac. I think a 1.25 g4 or so will be the next imac. Those massive heat sinks are cooling 2 cpu's. I have never seen a picture of the new imacs cpu with heat sink so if anyone has a picture to post it would be very appreciated. These are good questions to ponder. Hate to throw this in, but didnt steve also say the cube may come back one day? There isnt any reason not to use the 970 everywhere, just slower versions thats all.
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    also, remember that there are GHz G4s in powerbooks and that the G4 is still ramping upwards in speeds. It seems that Apple excels at designing in cramped spaces. I don't think heat and such are going to be such an issue.
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    Mr. Anderson

    Well, going to be is one thing, but right now they're not exactly irrelevant. True, the big heat sinks are on the dual machines. I'll have to go to an Apple store and see what on the single CPU Power Mac. That would be interesting.

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    Yes Apple could use a PPC 970 in an iMac. The Processor is not the limitation because IBM has devised a 1.1 Volt PPC 970 which runs at 1.2Ghz and dissipates 19watts.

    By comparison the 1Ghz .18um G4 dissipates about 27-30 watts. The limitations would come from the Motherboard. Is the 970 Motherboards small enough to fit? And Marketing. When can Apple add a PPC 970 to the iMac without curtailing Powermac sales too badly.

    Tough questions we'll have the answers soon.

    My guess is that we'll see Powermacs only with 970s

    and next year we'll see Powerbooks and iMacs added to the 970 group once the chips are being fabbed at .09um.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    i know it wont happen but i dont see why apple could not show a 1.4 and 1.8 970 powermac right next to a 1.2 970 imac. The imac is allready crippled because you cant upgrade it. but to keep using the lame g4 in its machines after the 970's come out will not be helping sales in my point of view. Anyone with a picture of the heatsink in the current imacs?
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    Re: Apples Future With The IBM 970 CPU

    Makes you wonder since the current iMacs are Apple's "spring line." If the current iMacs are for spring, what will they come out with this summer?
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    I think that "Spring Line", as you say is a very relevant fact. I could see the powermacs released in July for early adopters. Then a month or two of hype and interest in the press. Then a huge deal when Apple brings the first 64 bit computer to the average consumer in the iMac just in time for school.
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    Right, since they outsource they can't change the whole line at once. So around MWSF or so they will have to have revamped laptops, either with 7457s or 970s.

    The advantage of 7457s is that changes would be minor - but by then, with the Centrino laptops out, the speed problem will be acute on the laptops too. Given that, 970s across the whole line makes the most sense: Powerbooks first, then iMacs, then iBooks, and eMac last.
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    It is possible that all the professional line of products (Power Mac and PowerBooks) will get 970 while consumer lines (iMac) will retain G4 for a while. Why? Because it is still decent and gets the job done for general consumers. iBook might even keep G3 for a while too, because it gets the job done and it is cheap.

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