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Applescript and Automator the Same Thing?

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by no.1 Apple Fan, Jul 29, 2009.

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    no.1 Apple Fan

    Hi everyone! This may sound sort of dumb, but aren't Applescript and Automator the same things?:rolleyes:
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    They are not the same thing.

    Automator is a drag and drop type of programming where the pieces are already made, you just have to fit them together.

    Applescript is a programming language(english like) but you have to create the code for it to run.

    I know that is simplistic but I hope it answers your question.
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    no.1 Apple Fan

    Cool, I know that Applescript is sort of English Like. But what do you mean when you say that you have to write your own code for it?
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    Most programs have a dictionary of terms or commands that they understand. (not all programs do). You have to write a script with the terms used in their dictionaries if you want them to perform certain actions. You can access these dictionaries through your script editor toolbar.

    Automator is similar, but imagine these commands are already written as drag and drop templates, and your just have to drag and drop these templates in the order you want to accomplish your goal.

    Applescript gives you many more options, but you have to write the code.

    Automator is much easier because the code is already written, but you are limited to the options that automator gives you.

    Automator, however, has a template that you can drop in that allows you to fill in missing gaps you may have by typing your own applescript within a template box.

    Hope that helps
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    no.1 Apple Fan

    Cool, thanks!

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