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AppleTV Disconnecting Issues

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by friction-dj, Apr 15, 2012.

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    I have read a number of threads on the topic but none seem to really address the issue I have been experiencing, so hopefully you can all help me out (or point me in the right direction).

    I have an Apple TV 2 connected via ethernet to the wireless modem (Zxyel NBG-416N). That is what my macbook pro then connects to, wirelessly.

    When I turn the AppleTV on it recognizes the media on my macbook and I can play shows, music, etc... however it eventually disconnects. It was fairly random before, but with the newest update to ATV2 it is every few minutes.

    I can reconnect everything by simply quitting iTunes and re-starting it, so I am assuming this is something at the network level but I don't understand how to address that.

    Possibly also of interest is that the apple TV never shows up as a device in iTunes, even when I am able to watch the shows.

    Thanks in advance for any pointers.

    Relevant Specs:

    ATV2: 5.0 (4099)
    Macbook pro 10.7.3
    iTunes 10.6.1 (7)
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    Try connecting your MBP to the wired Ethernet and see if that helps with the disconnecting issues. There could be some wireless interference around causing the problems.

    The ATV will never show up in iTunes as a device, it was never intended to. The only time you'll see that is is you have to restore it by connecting the ATV to your Mac with a micro-USB cord.
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    Thanks! I'll give that a shot later on. I'd really rather not do that as a permanent solution however, since the two (AppleTV and Macbook) technically live in separate rooms.

    It just seems odd to me that there would be wireless interference there, but not with the internet which runs smoothly without disconnection.
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    It's really just a first step in troubleshooting a problem. Got to rule out wireless interference. Then after that if it's still there then you can look at other possibilities.
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    Well, I am more confused than ever as connecting the macbook pro to my wireless router via ethernet cable has eliminated the dropouts entirely. (I now just have the mac remote conflicts).
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    there was some sort of wireless interfernence but your remote problems is that the ip address has changed u need to put in the address of the hardwire ethernet
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    What he said VVV

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    Not sure if the answer is completely correct. I have somewhat similar issues. Perfectly great performing laptop (wintel win7 based), 3rd gen ipad 64gb 4G, newest apple TV, etc. Laptop is totally bulletproof with wireless - except for when using Apple TV. I mean that literally. When itunes is not running (ver the wireless connection(s) never drop. In the very same physical locations on the very same wireless networks, when I attempt to replay a movie via Apple TV, it'll play for about 10 min, and then the wireless adapter loses it's connection to the internet and everything dies. It is the absolute only, ever, situation when this happens. It happens consistently - every single time, on every single wireless network. When the laptop is connected via wired ethernet, it works fine.

    I believe I have totally ruled out interference, I absolutely know I've eliminated potential IP conflicts. This seems to be a clear iTunes issue.

    I've been troubleshooting for days, and am about to return Apple TV. The lack of support and this issue are unfortunately making it too much trouble, which is a shame because I really like the idea.
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    What about when moving large files or streaming other video (not through iTunes)? Have you tried that to see if the connection drops? I wonder if the router has a problem moving large data files and/or streaming, just like you do with iTunes/ATV.
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    Yes, I've moved extremely large files of various types - many many times. I'ts not uncommon for me to move 15 or 20GB files across the wireless network when I'm not in a hurry. That's with the specific laptop in question. On the general wireless network, I just last week moved 64GB at one shot from one laptop to another via wireless. It took quite a while, but it completed with zero issues. I also routinely stream HD content via wireless with several non-PC devices which are on the same wireless networks. So, as I said, I think I've pretty conclusively isolated the issue to an Apple related issue.

    As an aside, I also have to say that the iTunes app (on PC) seems to be a pretty bloated and poorly performaning application. It's slow to start, slow to shut down - haven't looked closely, but on quite well equipped CPU core/memory/solid state drive) PCs which rip through pretty much everything else, iTunes is predictably and consistently laggy. It's OK, and were there not other issues, I wouldn't mention it. However, this is the case and it's across multiple PCs with multiple OS versions. None of them are macs.

    Yesterday I attempted to get help through Applecare. That was a disaster. Called, put on hold for quite a while, got a Tier 1 support person who wasted about 15 minutes on scripted but ineffective and unrelated questions, then attempted to transfer me to a "senior" person. Was on hold for 37 minutes waiting, and finally ran out of time (that job thing). Apple simply doesn't seem up to the task of dealing with issues such as this.
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    This is definitely an iTunes bug that they need to address. I have a fully wired network and still get this issue regularly. Currently my workaround is to have iCal based apple scripts that quits and launches iTunes every day at 5:30am and 3:00pm which keeps it ready... Most of the time. Occasionally, even with that, I still have to go in an redo it manually. Annoying!

    I believe this bug began with the version that supports 1080p... Which sadly I need support for. If not, I'd just revert to an earlier version. As soon as they get a version that doesn't do this, I'll install it and then never update iTunes again on my media server.
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    I think we're not communicating clearly - my fault.

    1) I have connected the laptop to wired ethernet and in THAT case, the content seems to play and the laptop does not lose it's wired connection.

    2) I have connected the same laptop, in the same location, to the same wireless networks and NOT started iTunes and NOT tried to play via ATV. I've then transfered very very large files, including video, I've streamed, done everything - the wireless connection NEVER EVER drops. To be clear, the wireless connection will remain intact virtually forever - so long as I do not attempt to play video content through iTunes via ATV. Furthermore, once the connection is dropped (when using iTunes/ATV), it does not come back. I need to manually reset it. Further evidence that this is NOT related to transient RF noise/wireless interference.

    3) When using ATV via wireless, in multiple locations, on multiple wireless networks, it ALWAYS starts fine. It ALWAYS plays fine - for about 5 to 15 minutes or so, and then at ALWAYS drops the wireless connection. Always. Without exception.

    4) I have never, ever, ever, had wireless interference in these locations. I have had wireless in my home since 1999, starting with Cabletron/Enterasys Roamabout 802.11b systems (very early adopter). I've obviously upgraded since then, but.....

    To me, it's quite clear that there is a defect associated with iTunes/ATV and Win7 at a minimum.
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    ATV drops off

    I am truly frustrated with my Apple TV. As with others who have responded, mine continually disconnects after a certain amount of time. Formerly, it would always reconnect after I shut down and restarted iTunes. Now it doesn't even do that. Sometimes I've disconnected the power and USB cable going to my TV, and that sometimes helps.

    I have two Apple TVs, and I'm about ready to give them away!

    Frankly, I'm really getting tired of this behavior with my ATVs.

    Sorry for ranting. I've been of no help. I know.

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