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AppleTV menu changes

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by murray68, Sep 17, 2010.

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    I just wanted to point out that the Menu changes in TV. I'm not happy that my computers media is in a separate section under Computers where the original TV (software version3) my Movies were under Movies, etc. If you look at the new TV screen shots there is no mention of My Movies under the movies folder. This also applies for Music, Podcasts, Photos. All now hidden deep inside the Computers section. Come on Apple this isn't just about selling/renting movies/tv is it? If I go to the Movies section I would expect that iTunes movies, movies from my Mac (etc) and even NetFlix (even though we won't be getting that in Oz) should all appear under the Movies section. Same for TV Shows, etc etc.

    What are everyone else's thoughts. Cheers
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    Most likely they aren't wanting to advertise that piece; i.e., they will make money from the user renting the movies/shows than watching already downloaded content which may/may not have come from Apple.
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    From an ease-of-use perspective, it makes absolutely no sense to move your owned content to the “Computers” tab. Dumping Music, Podcasts and Photos to both the Internet and Computers tab is also awkward and unintuitive.

    That’s something D-Link or LinkSys would do.

    If anything, they should have removed the Internet tab and integrated MobileMe and Flickr into Photos and Internet Radio into the Music tab.

    I wonder if there’s a big debate going on with Apple TV behind the scenes. Maybe this first iOS version is just a stop-gap for something bigger.
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    Be sure to send your feedback to apple... Hopefully it won't take three major software revisions to fix like it did with the first AppleTV.


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