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AppleTV question

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by ghall, Mar 23, 2007.

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    Does the :apple: TV work with standard def TVs? Does anyone have an :apple: TV and a SD TV that could try this out? Thanks.
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    If your tv has component input (separate red, blue, and green plugs for video), then you can use the Apple TV - can't say I'd recommend it though as you'd probably have to letterbox everything. That is why they "require" widescreen...
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    Oh crap! My DVD player has component out. Is there some sort of converter I could get?
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    Is that a yes? (your tv has component)
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    There are convertors but from what I have seen they are expensive. (Over $170)

    component out on the DVD player won't help, the TV needs to accept component in.

    As far as it working on SD with component, I will find out tonight. I won't get access to my HD TV for a few more weeks (moving) so until then I need to use the TV at the corp apartment. In about another 2 hours I will be trying it. I will post an update regardless.
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    Sweet, thanks let me know.
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    Nice, just found a an article on TUAW that pretty much answers my question.

    I guess Google really is my friend. :rolleyes:
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