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Discussion in 'iPad' started by kdesign7, May 30, 2010.

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    Curious... Anyone know why some of my apps keep disappearing from my iPad? Like atomic browser keeps going away and a few more apps as well. I have no idea why... I'll install the app, use it, leave the iPad alone and then later on its gone.... Kinda sucks. Lol. Any ideas?
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    This seems a bit far fetched.

    So, TROLL!!!
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    Dunno, take it to Apple.
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    Pointless post - and surely a troll would make much more of a fuss about it to provoke if that was why they were posting.

    OP - don't know what the problem is. Have you tried restoring from a previous backup and seeing if that makes a difference?
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    Simply restore in iTunes.

    Happened to my old iPhone 3G, Facebook app was installed according to the app store, but was never shown on home screen or in spotlight search results.

    Just make sure you back up before you restore!
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    Do you have so many apps that some have no place to sit? (Don't laugh-- that's the case with my iPhone.)

    Can Spotlight find the missing apps?
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    If you can't resolve this, I would contact Apple and take it back for an exchanges. I have never had that happen.
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    ? Are talking about legit apps right ... Not jail broken ones?
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    This was a legit question... Don't be such a crank ass and leave the pointless remarks out.
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    Honestly I don't have that many apps installed only about 14 or so.
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    My device is jail broken but the app in question thAt keeps disAppearing is atomic browser. I purchased the full version, downloaded and installed but it keeps disappearing. When i do a search nothing. Since vie posted this post it hasn't vanished yet so I'm hoping it was just a glitch. ( oh and world atlas vanished once before so i reinstalled and it's been fine thus far )

    Also, the reason I jb'd my iPad was so i could install sbsettings and backgrounder. I hve no desire to steal apps without paying for them, I believe in supporting the developers.
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    If it does it again within the next few days then i will restore. Was curious if anyone else Was having the same issue. :)
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    Wel another app vanished. I noticed pockettunes was gone this mornging, but the thing is all of the install apps are still contained in installous so i just have to open it and go to the downloaded menu and reinstall but even so, i have noooo idea why some apps are disappearing and such. This may ne an isolated issue,... Anyone else use installous... Have a similiar issue?
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    Well it is almost certainly related to the jailbreak. If you are using the Spirit Jailbreak, it isn't finished for iPad yet and is a bit buggy. Cydia, too, aswell as installous, is a bit buggy. (I jailbroke my iPad for backgrounder - just not worth it). Regardless of whatever apps you are using, pirated or not, I wouldn't recommend jailbreaking. But, of course, thats your choice.

    As I said in a previous post, restore the iPad in iTunes, and then if you are desperate, jailbreak it again. Takes 10 mins tops, and almost always solves all software problems.
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    Thanks for your thoughts. Makes sense, and i just didnt put two and two together that the jailbreak, cydia, installous r all beta rit now rsight the ipad.

    Ill give it another day or so and if it keeps it uo, ill certainly restore. I mean i have all my purchased apps backed up on my imac so that works for me.

    Cheers, have a great monday mate!

    Thanks for the replies. I appreciate it.
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    I missed the part where you said you'd jailbroken. My iPhone 3G is jb'd for various reasons, and its stability definitely took a dive after the jb. So that would be the first thing to suspect, especially in a product as new as the iPad.

    Bottom line: if you don't have a compelling reason to jailbreak, don't. If there isn't a particular app in Cydia or someplace that you absolutely must have for solid and thought-through reasons, don't jailbreak.
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    I am sure this disappearance happens after an iTunes sync. I think it's a problem with app sync and iTunes that just deletes apps not loaded in iTunes on the desktop. For a fix make sure you add the ipas installed through installous to desktop iTunes also.
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    Fantastic, thank you!

    I hVent tried this yet but i suspected as much and also im certain it was related to installous but i wikk know more when i sync next and apply my apps to itunes.
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    Damn Brain, I keep on trying to squash that bug in your avatar ;).
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    Have you buy any chance used rename 2 from cydia to rename these apps? I noticed this happened shortly after I renamed GWars:Touch to Geometry Wars, other apps I've renamed have been fine.

    Like you the reason I've jailbroken is for SBSettings and Backgrounder (and Scrobbl)

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