are the new ipods SMARTER?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by cmx08, Mar 10, 2005.

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    i remember my 3G iPod would continue playback even without anything connected

    today, i got my 2G mini 6GB and I noticed that whenever the ear phone plug is unplug, the mini will go to Pause mode. this happends on all the earphones i have.

    I did not read anything about this feature.
    Unless, I got a Lime ( because mine is Green, not yellow as Lemon)
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    It's one of the new features, also available in the non-mini iPods.
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    Yah, coincidentally I noticed this feature only today morning on my 1 month old shuffle. And when I read the title of your post, I knew you were talking about this :D

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    Yes, I remember a friend with a 4G told me about this some time ago...

    ...still not a feature on my 1G mini (running 1.3), though... :(
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    This would probably be a software feature so maybe in the next firmware update we will see this.
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    There are lots of software updates they could make to older iPods, but they generally choose not to once a new model is out... I actually doubt this feature will appear on older models. Which is a shame, because it's damn cool...
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    If apple doesnt do that so that people buy the new models, thats not so smart. People wouldn't buy a new ipod just for small features like that. But if apple kept adding new features in the firmware updates it would keep their customers happy and make them want to buy a new ipod when theres gets old.
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    I think it's probably more than just software. The signals headed to the phones is analog so there has to be some analog circuitry that detects the open circuit when the phones are pulled. I doubt earlier iPods have this circuitry. Of course I'm probably wrong.
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    I think that the jack in at least the 1G minis can detect the phones, because when I plug my headphones in my mini turns on automatically.
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    I just got a 4gb blue mini last week and I've noticed the same thing. At first I thought the iPod was defective because I hadn't noticed the plug pulled out (it barely pulled out of the socket, but enough for it to trigger the sensor.)

    I actually find this feature annoying. Since getting the iPod, it has twice stopped playing when my heaphone plug moved out a smidget. Then again, I am using my own pair of headphones, so that may have something to do with it.

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