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Article on ATV's future

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by dmm219, Jul 7, 2009.

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    I can't access this page, but I said before, and still put my money on the fact that the ATV will be merged into TV sets and not sold as a stand-alone unit.
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    Can't access the site and as much as I like Gigaom I find the whole

    "pay for good articles" strategy a non-starter.

    I figure the Apple TV will be bumped next year as well and that's when i'll buy in.
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    Not a chance of this happening. The article explains why.

    For those who cannot read the article:
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    Gaming has potential.

    I'm not talking about Wii, PS3a, Xbox 360 type games but rather fun and low cost and you have a winner.

    There would need to be a Apple TV SDK and hopefully we'd see capable processing like an ARM MP A9 and fast PowerVR SGX graphics. 1080p decoding would be a big +
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    What would be interesting is using iPod touches and iPhones as controllers for AppleTV games. They each have their own accelerometers and touch screens, making all sorts of gameplay possible.
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    I like that idea. I'll have to try this with the Nintendo emulators that's currently on my aTV.
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    Apple could be waiting until after the release of Snow Leopard, then build the next AppleTV OS on that, plus new hardware using Intel's latest chips (the Atom and their latest integrated graphics). Maybe even hope that SSD goes down in price. I can see them releasing a new AppleTV at $199 or even $149 to better compete with Roku.
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    Apple just recently bumped their investment in Imagination to almost 10 %. Of course Imagination makes the PowerVR graphics in the iPhone but the also make highly efficient video encode/decode processors as well.

    Apple's rumored to have an architectural license for ARM which allows them to design around ARM based IP. Take an ARM core and mate it with PowerVR graphics (which will be OpenCL compatible) and you've got no need for Atom/GMA

    This would make enough sense on its own but then you toss in

    PA Semi acquisition with Dan Dobberpuhl as the lead engineer
    Mark Papermaster PPC whiz
    Bob Drebin and Raja Koduri who have considerable graphics talent

    I'd personally smack the **** out of Steve Jobs if he put a ****ing Atom processor in the next Apple TV. They have the talent, money and marketing chutzpah to roll their own and be successful.
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    I don't see Apple lowering the price to compete with other competitors. Really, it's cheap enough and if they are going to put a rather large investment, they'll advertise on the best "media" device out there.

    And when I first got ATV, I was like, I wish they'd let me use my iPhone as a remote, that wouldn't be that hard. Before the app store. Then I was thinking it should have a little game gallery like Microsoft Arcade or the Wii's Channel for older games from like Sega or NES.

    ATV just shows true potential to me seeing how fast it can download rather large movies. So, I was wondering if there any way to package large game files to a system that is more apt to handle this. Personally, I'd like to see apps go on ATV for game usage. I mean, Sonic for the iPhone is fun out and about but I wanna play it on a big TV when I'm at home. Just use my iPhone as a controller and there you go.

    As for more advance gaming, I don't see the iPhone or iPod Touch being able to handle this. THere isn't really buttons and I like to physically feel for buttons or it won't click in my head what I'm doing or I might hit the wrong button cause I can't feel the right button.

    Anyways, I really wanted to do this with Apple once I graduated college but they might do that before I get there... Sigh. Oh well.
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    Cave Man

    This wouldn't be a problem if (1) the Atom only has to manage the filesystem and the gpu is OpenCL compliant and (2) the ATV's OS is revised to 10.6 Snow Leopard. If Apple could get the 9400m in there without increasing the price then the Atom would probably be a good cpu for the unit. You'd get 1080p, h.264 gpu decoding and HD audio. Heat might be a problem, though.
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    I don't see the next Apple TV being computer based. A 9400m isn't going to be better for 1080p support than a PowerVR VXD decoder.

    Apple doesn't appear to have much interest stacking on a bunch of Apple TV features and if this is the case keeping it as a computer design isn't all that beneficial IMO. You don't need a more complex software stack if users are simply going to be navigating the UI and picking media content.

    Atom is assumed to be the ideal choice because it supports x86 binary files and coupled with ION you have capable albeit expensive system. Though convential wisdom should point to the architecture that Apple has sold 40 million units in and that is ARM and Imagination.

    Recent reports suggest that the iPhone could capture HD video. Apple most likely reduced support to SD to keep file size in check as well as battery life. An Apple TV is a device unencumbered by battery life restraints and storage is more plentiful. Why not remove the screen beef up the processor/GPU and slap it in the case for a new more "green" ATV?
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    Perhaps Apple TV can have the OS stored on a small NAND storage with data remaining on the hard disk, but putting everything on SSD is just to expensive for a low cost device like Apple TV. Especially since you want Apple TV to go down in price. And why would Apple TV need to run Snow Leopard?

    Since Apple TV is more closely tied to iPods, I am hoping it will get its first hardware refresh at the annual September iPod announcement.

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