As a router/basestation?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by mkaiser1, Jan 17, 2008.

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    Can the :apple:TV be used as a basestation/wireless router in the same way as my Aiport Express can? If so, I think I'm gonna have to get one.
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    If you plug your DSL/cable modem directly into the AppleTV's ethernet port, it will not be able to share the connection with other computers in your house.
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    oh bugger. Well then, since my current wireless router is useless (came free from our ISP) which of the following should I do:
    • Use my Airport Express as my router
    • sell my aiport express and buy an Aiport Extreme so I can use 802.11n
    • Sell my aiport express and buy a Time Capsule so I can use 802.11n AND have a back up hard drive

    :) Decisions, decisions...
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    Personally, I'm waiting for Time Capsule. :)

    I'm doing OK with manually plugging a USB drive into my MBP once or twice a month for Time Machine to do its thing, but if it did it automatically via wireless, that'd be awesome.

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