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Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by iBS23, Feb 21, 2006.

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    I've been thinking about registering my own domain and setting up my own web site for blogging, resume posting, a family web page and that ever-popular "unique" email address. Based on my research and the comments here, I think I've decided to host with ASO. However, I have a few questions.

    1. Should I just use ASO for the domain registration as well, or am I better using someone else? I assume using a register would make it easier to transfer the domain to another host if needed? With a third-party register, I'll need to modify the DNS settings, right? Is that easy to do with ASO?

    2. With the email, I see that they list support for imap and pop so I should be able to use to send/receive when I'm at my computer. I also see that they have three types of web-based mail support. That would be nice when I'm away from the home computer (on vacation and such). Any comments on the web-based email? Things I should know?

    3. How much bandwidth is needed? I assume that email messages sent/received are included in the monthly usage? I get 50-125 emails per day (about 50-50: plain text-html), usually 2-5 visits a day to my current wordpress blog. Tiny package enough for me, or should I go bigger? (I know I can upgrade, but I'd like to start out at the right level).

    4. I saw someone mention a referral discount in one of the threads. Anyone want to hook the noob up?
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    1) Registering your domain with ASO makes it easy but it's certainly not necessary. You might be able to save a $ or two if you go with a third party but you'll have no problems transferring domains if you sign up with ASO. For the sake of simplicity I'd just say sign up with ASO.

    2) The web based mail lacks the polish of say GMail but does the job.

    3) There is no need for you to worry about bandwidth with that usage. Tiny will be plenty for you. You might want to consider a lifetime plan.

    4) Sorry no referral discounts to give. I was a former customer, looking to switch back.
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    Thanks for the input Munkle. Just wondering, why'd you switch and why are you looking to switch back?
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    I have used for my personal websites with not many complaints, but I started a forum and just couldn't handle it so I went with ASO and they are very good with high bandwidth sites. (I kept my personal stuff at

    VERY fast replies on tech support issues. I wish they had real time stats though (24hour snap shots only). Makes trouble shooting bandwidth hogs a little more time consuming.

    But I give ASO a thumbs up.

    Great Control panel. They use the Cpanelx and make everything real easy.
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    It works the other way- the person who refers you gets 1 free month.

    Say...if you'd like, go ahead and enter in the referral when you order ;) Thanks!
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    Got seduced by Dreamhost's outrageous promos. Looking to switch back because ASO were the best host I've been with, especially with regards to support.
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    It's very easy to register and use a domain elsewhere. I got my domain cheaper from (I googled for discount codes, and found several $2-off codes).

    Then you just modify the DNS settings and enter the ASO nameservers, and voila. Easy as pie.
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    Sorry, someone already used PM to get it.
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    Not sure if you've signed up, but I should add my 2 cents:

    1) Register with an external registrar like GoDaddy. ASO just offer domain registrations as a convenience, but that's not what they're good for. Although they'll happily transfer the domain elsewhere, you get so much more control of it if it's registered through an external service. And yes, "setup" amounts to typing in the aso nameservers.

    2) Pretty standard webmail services. Squirrelmail and another one (can't remember its name). Frankly, after using GMail, I pretty much can't use another webmail service. Feels like I'm going back in time. However, if it's just for special situations, it'll get the job done.

    3) I'm not entirely sure whether or not emails draw from your bandwidth or not. Nevertheless, chances are that this will amount to a very small percentage, even if you take the tiny plan.

    4) I also saw some people who allegedly had discount codes. I never found one for myself when I signed up.

    All in all, I've been very impressed with ASO. I'm tempted to go to Dreamhost because of those insane stats, and if I start to push the limits of my "Small" ASO account, I probably will. However, for the time being, I'm very satisfied with the speed and the customer service, so I'm staying put.
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    Just a note: you can use an e-mail app (like for your e-mail from ASO. I'm not a big fan of online e-mail, including Gmail (it's nice, just not what I want), let alone the apps in CPanel. You can add your e-mail account from your ASO account into your favorite e-mail client if you so please; if anyone wants any directions, I'd be happy to provide.
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    I actually stopped using Mail completely a few weeks ago and switched to GMail's online interface exclusively. Mail's search feature can't compete with GMail. Plus I love the conversation feature.

    Once Google released GMail Notifier I found I had no use for Mail anymore. But that's just me :)

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