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Assignment 1 - Applespider

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Applespider, Dec 16, 2005.

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    I'm a little confused with what our closing date is supposed to be so I'm hoping that I can sneak this in under the wire if it was supposed to be two days ago or early if it's next Wednesday - in which case, I may withdraw this.

    Anyhow, I love the escalators in this store although unfortunately, people seemed to stop getting on them when I was taking this picture - at least, not laden with shopping which was the idea of the holiday preparation aspect.
    Also sadly, I couldn't use my camera since stores here generally disapprove unless you're in the camera department, so it's taken on my mobile...:(

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    Nice photo! I like the contrasting forms and directions. Pretty impressive quality from a mobile phone too. What phone is it?
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    It's a Sony Ericsson k750i. It's a 2 megapixel camera on it so that helps I guess! And it's a very bright store! ;)
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    Ho hum. I need to get out snapping a bit more. Couple of years ago I'd take mycamera almost everywhere, but ddly enough since I got my Mac, photography as a hobby has taken a down-turn :rolleyes:

    Is that a home setup? :eek: We need an "envy" emoticon :D
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    That is a very nice shot, especially with a camera phone. Actually, that is probably one of the best camera phone photos I have seen.
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    What is assignment one?

    Never got the memo?

    Very nice shot, Applespider.
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    Nice photo.. but clearly not as good (read: cheeky) as mine. :p :D
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    I like the form too, although I found the escalator landings on the left side a bit "cluttery" and distracting (to me). Cropping the image would remove the balls on the left ... undesirable ... so I'd have to speculatively wonder what the result would have been if you could have positioned yourself a bit to your left so as to change the angle to then remove the (distracting to me) landings and have the balls, ribbons and people-filled escelator diagonal.


    PS: FWIW, I don't really mind the "black hole" in the bottom right corner. Probably because I'd prefer for you to not risk fall over the railing :D
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    Hmm, may well be in the store again and might try from the other side of the 'well' that the escalators front. It's one of these annoying things where it's tough to frame with just the phone (and a large bag of shopping!) without looking really conspicuous! From what I recall, it meant that the balls ended up having all the focus though and the escalators became mere blurs in the background...

    Thanks...me too! Although it's the fabric department below so it might have been a reasonably soft landing! I suspect it crept it since the screen doesn't show exactly what you end up with...
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    Geez, that's a mobile phone photo? Dayam, and here I was telling people that I felt that the K750 and other mobile phone cameras wouldn't take a decent photo at 2MP or greater unless they started using a "real lens" in mobile cameras.


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