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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by -hh, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. -hh
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    Did we ever really wrap up Assignment #1?

    Also, for #2, I know I'm jumping the gun by a day, but I'm hitting the road this afternoon, so I figured I'd throw out a topic suggestion of: "Away from Home"

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    I think "Away From Home" could be quite good...It would have a nice wide interpretation.

    I like it!
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    Who won the last contest? I thought there was supposed to be a winner?

    Actually, I was wondering about the first assignment several weeks ago, but I didn't bother bringing it up since I thought it was dead in the water. :p
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    I think we said no voting and no winner. That we'd discuss the photos and any aspects of them we found particularly interesting.

    I think one problem was having them all split out in separate threads so that it was difficult to find them; perhaps one thread but with people saying which picture they're referring to in the title of their response would have been better.

    The festive period probably wasn't the best time to finish it and start another one but I'm up for restarting now.

    A few suggestions
    Cold (you choose whether it's subject, tone or colour of the image)
    New Beginnings
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    Numediaman - think you've got the wrong end of the stick here. This thread is about suggesting ideas (without pictures) for photos to be taken in the next month.

    Then you have to go and take the photo that fits the theme - not post in others' pictures. Let people come to their own conclusions of what a theme means and don't inadvertently influence them with images.
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    Can one take a picture of ur HOME without leaving the HOUSE and yet you are away from HOME?

    :confused: lol. .wtf am I talking about here....
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    Don't worry, these are all the photos you will get.

    I happened to have several shots sitting on my desktop and coincidentally they corresponded to several perverse interpretations of "away from home".

    Whatever shots I take end up on one of my web sites -- but you got these -- whether you wanted them or not! :)
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    Over Achiever

    I can't wait for assignment two ... it's amazing how I've only had this camera for not even a month, and I've already taken nearly 3000 pictures ... I'm obsessed I tell ya, and it's just a point and shoot! x_x
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    Chip NoVaMac

    I think that we need a sub-mod here for this sort of thing.

    One person(s) that could/would be in charge of assignments and polls for the Digital Photography forum.

    Theme contests work when there is no "clear winner". All of are winners with the comments made on our postings of a theme.

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