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ATV2 Interface Resolution Quality Issues

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by whiskeyred, Jan 3, 2012.

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    Pretty disappointed with the interface of the ATV2. I mean it looks like crap, thumbnails of movies, itunes etc. All low-res and barely SD quality. I have it all connected via HDMI, comparing the UI's of other devices, such as the Blu-Ray players, ROKU, etc - it's a joke.

    Anyone else see what I see crappy resolution not so much in what I'm watching but the UI itself.
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    Mine looks fine - are you sure it is set to 720p?

    As for navigating it, i prefer Apple remote on the iPad.
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    I believe so, under settings video & audio HDMI is set to auto
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    But what does it say under settings-> Audio & Video-> TV Resolution? Actually go into the setting as well, don't take the fact it says Auto - it will tell you what resolution is currently being used when you go in.
    My menus look crisp and sharp at 720p
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    I will, I remember the options being Y------. then RGB High, then RGB low but I did not see any actual 720p or 480p settings, unless I am in the wrong place.
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    Check in Settings - General - About - TV Resolution
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    Thank you, I certainly will.
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    These are 2 seperate options in the Audio & Video settings, one for HDMI (RGB, etc) and one for TV Resolution. The 2nd one is where you will find the actual resolution options (720p, etc)
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    So the culprit for me was my receiver, ATV2 directly into the TV resolved the quality issue, now it looks crisp and clean. Thanks again everyone.
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    Good to know, which model TV was it connected to?
  11. whiskeyred, Jan 4, 2012
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2012

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    I have a Pioneer Plasma, 50" it was the Harmon Kardon receiver it was not playing nice with.

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