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audio file too long-simple cutting software needed

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by logicpro7, Dec 22, 2006.

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    Hi guys,
    I am just looking for a simple piece of Mac software to cut a 2 hour audio file in half so i can burn to two cdr discs.

    I cant rember if logic can do this?

    I am trying to do this before christmas, as it is going to be a present for someone. :eek:
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    I would think even Garageband could do this. Is it a protected audio clip? I've used Garageband for doing stuff like this so I'm sure Logic could do it.
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    If not Garageband, Audacity is a free simple solution. I use SoundStudio (which is not free, but used to be bundled with Macs -- it came with my iBook). Rogue Amoeba also recently released Fission, which is not free.
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    no its not a protected audio file, it is a DJ mix from 1993 but 2 hours long so needs just one cut towards the middle.
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    QuickTime Pro can do it, too.
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    regardless of which software you use, shouldn't you make multiple song start markers? i'd be irritated to get a 74 minute CD w/o markers.
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    i could do, thats an idea
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    all done.

    i used waveburner :D

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