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Authorization Problem... account not valid?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by EMKoper, Dec 27, 2006.

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    Hi... I have music purchased from the iTunes store under two accounts and suddenly (in the past few weeks, amid an iTunes software update to 7.0.2 on both my PowerMac and PowerBook, I am being asked to authorize music I have had for years! And, when I try to reauthorize them, they are under an older account and it won't accept the password and according to the apple page, the account name is no longer valid! Any ideas? I have submitted a help e-mail to apple, but haven't heard back... I have found lots of folks with the same problem on the Apple "discussions" page, with no answers.... thanks for any help...
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    Have you tried deauthorizing it, and then authorizing it again? Kindof like a full system restart? Stupid idea, but it might work. God I hope this doesn't happen to me. >_< I feel bad for you. :(
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    Did you by any chance update your e-mail address with iTMS from the old account? As I understand it, if you change your e-mail address with iTMS, only the new e-mail address will work.

    Good luck!

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    Close this out...

    FYI for anyone else having DRM problems... Resolved the issue with Apple ... the net result was Apple DRM (with an emphasis on the "M" for managment!) had a glitch. The database starting carrying/relating about 1/2 of my purchased songs with a different account name than I have ever used to buy my music which was, of course, different than what iTunes said they were purchased under! Selecting the song, Apple-I, the account name shown for the songs was not what their database said it should have been (or even an account name in their database as EVER used!) ... they don't know what happened, I don't know what happened, but after convincing them I wasn't crazy/stupid, they did some "M" magic and everything works OK now. (... I have since written all DRM'd songs to music CD to 're-rip' in the even the "M" fails me again.

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