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Auto-exclusion from Time Machine

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by SilentPanda, Nov 1, 2007.

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    Should there (or is there) be a way for developers to auto-exclude data from Time Machine?

    For instance in World of Warcraft there is a cache folder that is constantly updated but can safely be deleted as Warcraft rebuilds it instantly on log in. In Second Life huge amounts of data can be downloaded due to the dynamic nature of the world. This cache file can be set up to 1 gig of space and rolling it back provides no benefit.

    Do you think this is something that is needed?

    I don't think developers should restrict things from being backed up unless they are "generatable". Although for some things such as Parallels it might be nice to have an option in the program to choose to not backup with Time Machine. While many of us know where these files reside, there are also many that don't.

    I have also excluded my iTunes/Pod Casts folder since I only keep the 3 most recent. Otherwise this would fill up in short order as all my pod casts are video pod casts.
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    See CSBackupSetItemExcluded(). According to the Leopard release notes this applies to Time Machine.
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