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Auto Unrar and Move Files to Parent Folder

Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by nidserz, Nov 2, 2010.

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    Hi everyone,

    I am not very good with programming and scripting so I wanted to ask if you guys can help out a n00b.

    So basically I have my TV shows set up in a way that they automatically download to the correct folders. However, they are in a folder that contains RAR files.

    So its something like this:
    TV Shows > Big Bang Theory > Season 4 > BBT.S04.E03 > .rar files

    I want to extract the files and move the .avi to the "Season 4" folder and possibly get rid of BBT.S04.E03.

    Is that possible at all? Just wondering... If not... is there a way to unrar files downloaded in Transmission? This would make my life a lot easier as I wouldn't have to go back to my computer and I could just watch on my PS3 in the entertainment room.

    Thanks a lot.
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    This thread might be 2 years old, but the program/author is still active and its a brilliant little app which has saved me a lot of man hrs clearing up some old data on some HD's I installed in a NAS box.

    Thank you Hansr if you still read these forums :)
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    Now I know you started this thread over 2 years ago, but i'm hoping you could shed some light on this topic. I use transmission and automatic to download my tv shows automatically, but how do you get them to download directly to specific parent folders? In your post you said you get your big bang theory episodes to download to their specific season parent folders. How do you achieve this?

    Also how do you find hazel?

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    Can you be more specific on your quention ? I might be able to help but english is not my native so maybe im not understanding your question.

    You want to be able to download certain files to specific folders ?
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    Correct, So for instance my tv shows are organised on my hard drive in this structure:

    Tv Shows > How I Met Your Mother > Season 7

    So I want the episodes of that specific show/season to download into their correct folders.
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    As one of the above posters replied - Hazel.
    Its a software that I used and it did all the sorting for me.
    I downloaded it to my HDD, renamed, and sorted to an external HDD.
    I have the rules saved and I will be setting it up again (got a new computer).
    I can help you out.
    I have a video here to show Hazel doing it's thing.

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