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Automatic Brightness Adjusting

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Nerio27, Aug 5, 2012.

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    I love the feature that automatically adjusts the brightness of your screen depending on you background light, but for some reason mine seems to be overly sensitive to changes in light and is almost constantly adjusting itself to be dimmer and then brighter again within a few seconds. Is there a way to adjust the sensitivity on this feature?
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    i have the same exact problem. I thought I had a defective sensor or something. I thought ML fixed the problem but it still persists.
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    2011 mbair and same issue. I just turned it off and adjust manually.
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    2012 MBA with ML, same problem. Drives me nuts sometimes.
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    Drives me nuts too. The sensor on my MBP is more accurate.

    I've noticed the same problem on iPhone vs iPad, the sensor on iphone 4 is miles better than on ipad (both 2:nd and 3:d gen).
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    mine is doing this now, for the first time ever

    really annoying :mad:
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    Mine seem to work as expected so far (MBA 2012 with ML preinstalled).
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    I've always hated automatic brightness. One of the first things I turn off on my cellphones and laptops.
  9. 3bs
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    I have it turned off but I'm wondering does this also happen to your keyboards backlight?
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    Maybe am weird but I love my screen full brightness :)

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