Avoiding initial password screen on start up?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by Tenashus1, Nov 19, 2011.

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    When I do a fresh start up with my MBA I find that I always need to enter my password. I have tried myself to find a way to avoid doing this but have not come up with one? Anyone just know a way to get right to the desktop on start up?
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    System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Then uncheck "require password"
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    nebrot's advice will take care of it
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    Problem is is that it is unchecked.
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    Are you encrypting using FireVault? If you are, there's no option to login automatically.
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    Not using fire vault. Ever since doing a software update last night, I now have to login with my password if I have completely shut down and then start up. I don't have any trouble with the MBA awaking from sleep. Just with a fresh start up.
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    System Preferences --> Users & Groups --> Login Options (under the list of users).

    Turn Automatic Login on.
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    Yeah, I just re did auto login and it worked! Yay! Thank you all. Have a great afternoon.
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    sometimes checking-unchecking an option will fix it.
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    Yop. That was the deal. :)

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