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Back to My Mac, I can't get it to work

Discussion in 'Mac OS X Server, Xserve, and Networking' started by jkaz, Jun 4, 2008.

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    I've tried numerous times and in all configurations but have yet to see back to my mac work.

    is there something basic that i'm missing? is everyone else able to get it to work as expected?

    I'm going to look again at the basic tutorial but if someone has a tip list or a link i would very much appreciate it!

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    Good luck

    There's an editorial in the July MacWorld about how Back to My Mac sucks and rarely works and when it does, it's seemingly random.
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    i've gotten it work before. it seemed to work fine for me
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    somehow, i got it to work from my office to back home. i'm not sure that home back to my office is going to work as none of my office computers are showing up as shared locations on my home computer.

    my home computer is connected from wire to router to cable modem.

    my office computers are connected wirelessly through an airport.

    i have a home computer on wireless airport as well and that computer is not showing up but that computer might be asleep.

    is there a wireless setting somewhere i might need to fix that anyone can think of?

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    mine has worked over wireless also. i can't think of anything that you need to do for it to work, besides turn it on in system preferences.

    if you go into system preferences, under .Mac, and click on Back to my Mac, usually it will say if it's working properly
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    Six and a half years later....

    ... and "Back to my Mac" still sucks and still works just as randomly as ever.
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    Back To My Mac cannot function on networks with double NAT configurations or other firewalls blocking the necessary communication.
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    Use TeamViewer.com

    Teamviewer is excellent. Also cross platform and free. Much easier and reliable than Back to my MAC

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