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Discussion in 'iPod' started by prp134, Jan 23, 2007.

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    Alright so I searched the previous post and I could find a clear answer to my Im wondering if anyone can help....

    Alright so I want to back up all of my music, playlist and videos on my ipod, I have to take my ipod in to get a new one. However, in order to save space on my pc, I always delete stuff in my itunes so I cant do that smartplaylist and then burn or any other option.

    So am there a way to back up all of my data (music,playlist,videos) FROM my ipod?:confused:
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    mad jew

    So you have Windows? Enable the viewing of hidden files in Explorer and simply drag everything back into My Computer (or wherever) from the iPod. :)
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    IF you're using a windows PC you might want to check out CopyPod and maybe some other software from the same company. i think iCloner should do what you want pretty well.

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    Howard Brazee

    What happens when we connect to a 2nd computer and it loads iTunes with your iPod's music? Does all the music get transfered?

    If so - does this work as a backup? Can we upgrade to a new iPod and load it from this computer?
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    someone told me that u can use winamp?
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    Enable Hidden Files from Windows Explorer and then Copy and paste the files from iPod to HD. That worked for me when I last had a Windows Machine (never again, thankfully!!)
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    use ipodutil ... it is free and works like a charm !

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