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Bad iPod Review at Target

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by hesdeadjim, Nov 24, 2002.

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    Here is the link if you want Link

    I was just wondering if this was true that Apple doesn't say on the PC packgage for the iPod that you need a firewire port. I'm sure it does, but this guy makes it seem like Apple is at fault.

    Also, I know this guy is entitled to his own opinion and everything, but is he actually saying that USB is better than Firewire. If he was making an arguement for USB 2.0 then I would just disagree and let it be, but USB 1 is so slow for transfering files espicially when you get to gigs of data. I would almost think that an external USB hard drive is useless now. Of course, I know that PC's are slow to accept new technology and have legacy issues, buyt why doesn't the guy just argue for parallel ports since all PC's have those (trust me, some PC users don't even now what USB is still). The iPod was designed to be the cream of the crop when it came to MP3 players and I agree whole heartedly when they chose firewire just because of the extra speed alone.
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    You kind of have to ignore these idiots. Most of the reviews at target are all very positive, which is goo news :)

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    This guy is crazy, ALL Sony’s and most of the higher end HP’s comes with Firewire!!!;) :p
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    being the bio dork that i am... i believe you are sarin (?) gas. did i even spell that right?!?! heheheh
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    I hate it how these idiots call Apple 'Mac' as if it's the company name.. just proves that their idiots... ugh.

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    I didn't even notice that. I guess he's just an idiot.
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    Re: Bad iPod Review at Target

    I think if my computer had USB and no Firewire, I'd think USB were better than Firewire as well. :) (I'd rather be able to use a slow device than no device at all)

    To the point, though, some people are just idiots. This person reminds me of the people who post on digital camera forums blasting camera makers for their "defective" cameras when the included AA alkaline batteries only last 20 minutes. (Read page 1 of the manual - you know, the one that's written in 24-point type - and buy NiMHs, you ****ing retards.) I suppose, considering they're being sold at Target, that the iPods should be more clearly labeled as requiring Firewire ports on the host PC (if they're not already). But then again, I'm one of those who is in favor of dropping the Windows iPod entirely and telling PC users to go and **** themselves.
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    Good job!!!
    Now you must die!!:D ;) :p
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    I couldn't agree more but I really hate it when they spell mac like "MAC" with all capital letters. Mac isn't a freakin' acronym!
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    Oddly enough, he gave it 4 stars! Can't be that bad now, can it?! ;-)
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    What's even worse...

    he asks for wma. support!

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    I've seen lots of PCs with Firewire. What's this guy have? A 486?
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    damn, all digital video cameras use firewire and transfering 5gigs (not to mention 20 gigs) of music over usb would take forever. but, when we protect freedom of speech, we protect the idiots too, it has to be done.
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    I guess all DV camcorder manufacturers are also "boneheads". Of course, most PC users wouldn't know anything about editing their home movies since it's maddeningly difficult on a PC.

    As for it being difficult to install a new port, that's a Windows problem. If it weren't such a pile of trash it would be easy to expand your computers functionality.

    Anyone ever transferred 20GB of data over USB??? Hope you have an extra vacation day. :rolleyes:
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    re: firewire issue

    I believe a firewire issue that many PCers might have was expressed by one of the reviewers. He commented that his firewire port had only 4 pins. Certainly this can be a pain in the rump if true.
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    People like this don't deserve to even handle an iPod... :rolleyes: I mean seriously! There are PLENTY of USB MP3 players out there, and if you want the snailpace of USB to download gigs of music onto your elegant iPod... WELL TOO BAD! :p
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    Re: re: firewire issue

    Apple provides a 4-to-6 pin FireWire cord with the PC iPod. What's the big deal here? So it doesn't recharge while it's plugged into their PC, that's it.
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    Is this true?

    I don't own a PC but find it hard to believe that this computer genius has never seen a PC with a firewire port, they do have firewire ports right? Someone should put a review in at Target and mention what an idiot that guy is for when other pc people read them.
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    This guy reminds me of my boss and most of the pc people I know.

    They wouldn't know where to start if they bought the thing in the first place. First off they would find out they wouldn't have the right port so they would probably just let it sit there for years without doing anything about it.

    If they did get the inkling to try to use it they would have to call someone to get help on the firewire card or have someone install one. Most of them are so afraid of opening there case it's not even funny. It's like they'll let out some magic pixie dust and the computer will die. In fact my boss is so against opening a computer he won't upgrade or let me upgrade the ram in the computer at work that's trying to chug along with 64MB with 8MB of that being used for video. Oh, and it's too much trouble to call someone and have them upgrade the ram.

    This explains 90% of the basic computer PC people I know. I personally have to think that this goes for all computer users in general that 90% at least are so incompetent that there scared.
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    Here's the thing. WE DON'T CARE WHAT HE THINKS. Right? Do we need this one idiot to switch? Nope. He's a born stupid PC user, and he'll die that way
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    I like the "installing new hardware hassle".

    Although, with Win98 and Win2000, it's gotten much better, it's still a problem. I once spent 15 minutes going round-and-round with Win95 trying to install video card drivers. :D

    Considering that they're all user reviews, and that review is not on that certain page anymore, it seems okay. There will always be someone out there who just doesn't get it--and tells the world about it. They end up looking like an idiot and the world laughs and goes on without them.

    Now, if Target would just put the iPod in a place where it can be seen from far down the main aisle...
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    yeah, i think its better for these types people who fall in the category of having higher ages than IQs to stick with windows, rather than dirty the mac community with their stupidity.
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    if people don't have FireWire they should not even be buying something as cool as an iPod. they are obviously stuck in the stonage and should be saving up their beads and shells to purchase a new Mac, or atleast an up-to-date PC. i don't feel bad for this guy. he is a rod.
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    Whats even funnier is that I see windows people talking about how awsome it is to import their DV video over USB 1.1. They think it is the coolest thing in the world. Just proves to every one how little intelligence people have.
    USB does not come even close to firewire, even with USB 2.0 it still is only a few MB faster and besides who wants to lug around an external power supply?
    As soon as Gigawire comes out USB will go out just like serial did.:rolleyes:
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    Few MBs faster? I haven't seen this. In the closest tests I've seen it came in around 10MB/s slower. Sure theoretical bandwith is faster but that is because they include the bandwith used by the hardware for handshaking and error correction. When all is said and done it is much slower.

    This is the complete opposite of Firewire which can and has achieved maximum bandwith in the right situation.

    Most USB2.0 video cameras max out around 2MB/s transfer. This is due to the flaky protocol and hardware used in portable devices.

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