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bad RAM?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by native00, Jun 11, 2004.

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    I recently bought 512 of RAM made by Kingmax, I believe. Popped it in, and 2 days later, I get crashes and kernel warnings. I cannot play Ages of Myth without a crash. Safari crashes frequently. I tested the RAM using TechTool Deluxe and it said the RAM was good. However, I googled 'bad RAM' and read that these tests are unreliable. Is there a way I can be certain if its really the RAM?? Help, my 1.25 PB has never behaved like this!
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    Try removing the RAM and see if the crashes go away. Bad RAM is the most common cause of recurring kernal panics IIRC.
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    Just wondering if this issue was ever resolved. I've found a cheap dealer of KingMax RAM, and from what I've read (eg. http://www.kingmax.com.au/Index.asp?prmt=011NEW2&CPage=4&NewsID=24&Loc=11Home), it seems as if it should be compatible with Powerbooks. Was it a bad stick, or is all KingMax RAM not worth the time? Thanks!
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    hey nina...
    the issue was resolved. I took the RAM out, replaced it with the original samsung RAM, and of course had no problems. The company i got it from is conveniently near my home, called ChipMerchant, so taking it back was no prob. They said most new powerbooks were 'picky' about their RAM, and promptly gave me something new and 'generic', believe it or not. I'm not sure of the manufacturer, ChipMerchant has a respectable rep in my circle of techies, so hopefully this situation was nothing too out of the ordinary.
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    Hey, native00, thanks for the quick reply!

    So the problem was in the KingMax memory? I'm asking specifically about this brand because a local dealer offers KingMax SO-DIMMs for a great price, and I'm wondering if I should give it a shot. The problem is, KingMax is all they offer - I can't exchange for another brand SO-DIMM if it doesn't work (and it's one of those 'guerilla' style computer stores - if I want to return something, I have to pay restocking fee, etc....).

    KingMax apparantly SHOULD work in Powerbooks, according to the link I posted before, but that could just be marketing fluff.

    Do you remember if your stick of KingMax was a "TinyBGA" configuration? Follow the link and look at the image - KingMax uses their own method of organizing the memory chips on the memory board. Supposedly, it offers better speed, lower power consumption, and better cooling. It seems like "TinyBGA" SO-DIMMS are all that KingMax offers now, and the price is definitely right ($142 CDN for a 512MB stick).

    Please let me know - thanks so much for the help!
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    If you have to go through all the trouble to buy a stick of RAM with which you have no idea if it'll work in your PB just to save a few dollars, why don't you just get the RAM from Crucial.com and be done with, knowing it'll work 100%. Just saying. Yes, it'll cost $150ish CDN, but you don't have to worry about the return policy 'cause they'll exchange it for a life time w/ no questions asked.

    BBUSERGROUP is the 5% off coupon.
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    it was not the "tinyBGA" configuration, nina. Also, Chipmerchant is right down the street from me (in San Diego), so taking it back was not an issue. i paid $121 for it, so i did only save a few bucks. Fuzzy is right, crucial has an impeccable reputation, so for a little more, you should go that route.


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