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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by ijohn.8.80, Nov 7, 2012.

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    Howdy All,

    Is it possible to do a batch change to a series of pictures to change the names?

    I imported a few hundred shots yesterday and for some strange reason they all imported with the name of _MG_numbers instead of IMG_numbers.

    I'd really rather not sit there and add a capital I to them all one by one.

    Thanks in advance.


    After a little exploring in Automator (which I've never used before) I worked it out and it took about .25 seconds to change all 702 file names.

    I just used the change text feature making _MG_ into IMG_

    Can't believe how easy that was! :D
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    I was just about to post that you should look at Automator. You read my mind! 'Grats on solving your problem.
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    A Better Finder Rename

    I rename all my photo files before importing into Aperture using:

    A Better Finder Rename

    In my case I use "A Better Finder Rename" to read EXIFF date to create an ISO Date/Time filename like "20121108_0924"

    A very useful and flexible tool to perform renames of any kind.
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    Just curious why you don't use Aperture's built-in renaming capabilities?

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