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Beginner on Mac Web Design

Discussion in 'Web Design and Development' started by juliej, Mar 20, 2008.

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    I'm just starting out on Mac for site creation and was hoping to get some recommendations on how to get started.

    I have experience building minor sites on PC, but lately I've been mostly using a CMS through a network. I'm going on my own and would like to create a site of approx 100-200 pages, information based (no e-commerce or shopping carts), mostly articles and links on travel.

    I'm a little lost in the Mac website arena.

    Thanks all!
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    First, buy Coda. This is all you will need to create your website and publish it to your server.

    I don't know what kind of information you want except that...

    Feel free to ask more specific questions and i'll do my best to answer them.
  3. alexjdb, Mar 20, 2008
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    It isn't that much different. What software were you using on Windows ?
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    Use Joomla as a CMS
    Edit it with TextWrangler
    Upload it with Cyberduck
    Good luck finding an image editor though. I use Photoshop, which costs $$$.
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    I bought a used CS2 liscence when CS3 released. Check on eBay, they're cheap.
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    mmmm. Coda. Textmate is nice as well. But Coda is a godsend.
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    I couldn't believe I didn't know it existed when I first found out about it. I don't really care for the auto completion that much but the whole interface is a blast to work with! Integrated Transmit is awesome too.
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    Thanks so much for the suggestions.

    I bought Coda and it's pretty amazing. Should make life alot easier.

    Thanks again!
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    I've just come from a PC back to MAC and wasn't aware of Coda. Not wanting to fork out for another Dreamweaver licence, I was looking for something more cost effective (I code web pages by hand). Coda actually surprised me and is definitely worth the small price they ask.
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    I gather Coda does the code? :D:D

    Does it code better than Kompozer? I'm just asking because I'm probably — one day — going to upgrade to CS3 and have Dreamweaver anyway... don't we all? In the meantime, doesn't Kompozer do pretty much everything Coda does, only free?

    Anyway, as I've expressed a number of times... WHY ARE WE STILL USING CODE? :eek::confused:

    I thought attractive web design was trying to get past code and into GUI's ... so graphic designers that don't code can leapfrog past this stuff.
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    We still use code because that's the only way of having 100% what you want. Anyways, it's more fun that way for me. I rather not design than use WYSIWYG.
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    OK, maybe one day I'll learn to have "fun" in a whole new part of my brain. :p

    Anyway, from an outsider looking in, Kompozer looks pretty similar to Coda, and Kompozer is free. :cool:
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    Sigh. Think I might've jumped the gun buying Coda. I thought it had WYSIWYG capabilities, but I don't see it.

    Is there any at all? I like the hand coding, but I got kind of addicted to WYSIWYG.

    Any suggestions?
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    elfin buddy

    Take this as an opportunity to learn to code, I promise you it'll be a rewarding experience! :)

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