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Beginner question for passing in objects

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by thomasjt, May 1, 2009.

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    Apologies for my very beginner question, but I've just been trying to optimise some old code and I'm having some problems.

    My question is: is it possible to initialise new objects inside another object initialisation? For example, I've been doing this:

    NSString *bob = @"bob";
    NSURL *jeff = [NSURL urlWithString:@"http://bob.com"];
    NSArray *namesAndSites = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: bob, jeff];
    Is there a way to init objects for the array inside the array's initialisation? For example:

    NSArray *namesAndSites = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: [I]NSString mystring = whatever, NSURL urlWithString = whatever];[/I]
    I am just finding it very annoying with NSArrays and NSDictionary's that I can't (or really, don't know how) to set up the array/dict and create the variables for the array/dict inside that declaration.

    I hope this makes sense...any help much apprecaited.
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    why would you want to do that though? it makes it more difficult to read doesn't it?

    i would stick with the method you already use...

    just my opinion coming from a coding background
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    1) You should be nil terminating your list in arrayWithObjects: as clearly stated in the documentation.

    2) Yes, of course you can, although you cannot assign the objects to variables at the same time:

    NSArray *namesAndSites = [NSArray arrayWithObjects: @"bob", [NSURL urlWithString:@"http://bob.com"], nil];
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    I'm surprised it works without the nil termination, normally the app should crash, shouldn't it?
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    I'd have thought so. I imagine that it was an example, not actual code copied and pasted from an app, especially with those variable names!
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    Thank you very much for all your help. I did terminate the arrays with nil, I just keep forgetting to do it in examples :)

    So what do you think the best way is to do it? Set up the strings/urls before and then add them in, or do it all in the initialisation of the array? Is there any sort of best practice idea here?
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    It's a matter of style but personally I'd say if you are declaring a variable that you will use exactly once to just pass the value to another call (like here) then you don't need that variable. Just do it all in one line.

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