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Benchmark - Why are results so different?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by RandomQuestion, Jul 27, 2013.

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    Why are benchmarks not all the same?

    I can understand that there can be some variances (eg. different apps installed/running, OS, etc).

    But how can the same machine undergo a benchmark test within minutes and get different results every time.

    MacBook Air 2013 i7 8GB = Geekbench 6594 32bit

    MacBook Air 2013 i7 (assumed 8GB because of score) = Geekbench 7489 32bit

    What's odd is that an iOS device's results are almost always consistent!!
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    If I recall, Geekbench wholly benchmarks your computer. The 256GB ssd is almost 2x faster than the 128GB drive. This could account for the large difference...
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    I thought the new PCI-E SSD's were all the same speed regardless of their capacity.
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    Nope... the new 128GB version is quite a bit slower in write speeds. Read speeds are about the same though.

    If you search the forums you can see some speed test from 2013 owners confirming this.
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    The benchmark by geekbench 2.0 seems more a joke as mine is i5/8GB/512SSD and have never gone beyond 6858 in its score...so i wouldn't sweat on it

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