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Best conversion for "low res/qual" QT files?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by TraceyS/FL, Jan 25, 2009.

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    I have some educational QT videos that i saved i'd like to put on the kids Nanos.

    The files aren't high quality in the first place - but watchable. I'm talking a 53mb file for 27 minutes as a QT file.

    I was just trying out Streamclip to convert them to MPEG4 - it defaults to 50% quality. I actually thought that since it already was a low quality, i'd want to do it at 100%?

    BUT, the resulting MPEG4 file was 160mb. I"m running another one at the default to see the size - but dang, i like the original file sizes much better.

    SOOO, am i going about this right? Or should i just drop them in iTunes as QT and then let it convert them? I'm multi-tasking and burning MPEG2 disks from EyeTV at the moment, so maybe that is part of my problem with "format overload" :D

    Thanks for any tips or helps.
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    I"m still playing with this, but the iTunes conversion creates the smallest file size.

    So, i'm going to go with that.... i don't get why it has to double in size though. It's doable to convert them on my computer - the kids eMac, not so much....

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