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Best possible use for a Cube

Discussion in 'Picture Gallery' started by Atlasland, Jun 10, 2006.

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    lol thats great
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    If I had a cube like that I would make it into a fish tank. :p
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    Me too. I've just never ben able to find a cube body for $50.00 or less (what I am willing to spend on said fishtank). It would look kickass on my desk.
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    IJ Reilly

    How rude. :p
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    I used to have a Cube, never thought of the fishtank/tissue box idea, would have been interesting.

    Anyways, Gary here's a body that's only at $35 with a day left:
    eBay Link.
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    I just saw one that was a buy it now for $48 but the shipping was like $15.

    edit: here.
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    I like the cubes :eek:

    But I just don't like the price of a brand new one when it came out.
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    It would be awesome but is there something on the bottom to keep the water in? I can't tell from pictures on the eBay links.
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    Isn't there a site that has like....80 different guides for Mac fishtanks?
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    Thanks guys...unfortunetly the discretionary income got blown this month with a new fly rod so...:rolleyes:
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    You have to screw in a plexiglass bottom and seal it up with caulk.
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    Pretty clever, but I hope the cube was non-working. I'd hate to see a working cube converted into a kleenex dispenser.

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