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best procedure for installing Windoze?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by keevill, Dec 6, 2011.

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    I regret to say that I have to install Windoze for very occasional use on my Macbook Air 128GB.
    My questions are :
    Is it better to install as a dual boot using Bootcamp ( which I realise requires a re-boot ) or to use Parallels for virtual operation.?
    What is the best ( least problematical ) ver of Win to install ?
    I'm thinking Win7.
    Thanks in advance.
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    Can't answer that without know what you need to use in Windows. Most things will work fine with a virtual environment though. Some gaming, etc, or highly intensive apps that could suck the RAM up, I'd be leaning towards a bootcamp install.
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    VMWare Fusion, running windows as a guest machine. It's only $49 right now, and that's a bargain for the best virtual machine out there. Bootcamp makes you pick between booting win and osx and I don't like partitioning hard drives like that. Running windows as a guest machine still leaves you access to your mac operating system.
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    Vmware Also give you the option to boot your windows partiton as a virtual machine when needed, giving you the best of both world. Thats what I personally do on my MBA and MBP
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    parallels will also use the bootcamp partition to load windows. Its a good way to do it but if you use the virtual machine instead it dynamically resizes but if you use bootcamp you need to set the partition size in advance
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    I guess I should have given more information about the useage of Win.
    I will probably only use certain network management utilities and some vpn access progs which only run under Win.
    I NEVER play games. The biggest program I will use is Dragon Naturally Speaking.
    This one may be the resource grabber.
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    VMware Fusion works great and supports Lion fullscreen apps nicely. I have never used Dragon in a VM, so I can't say for that. I do know that the Cisco VPN Client, VMware vSphere console, and other network management programs work excellent in Fusion/Windows Server 2003. I have been very impressed.
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    I don't understand the virtualization. It is not as smooth as people claim it to be. Create a 25GB partition and install via bootcamp.
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    Not to hijack your thread, but how exactly does one go about installing Windows on a machine without a DVD drive or external drive?

    Can you download it from somewhere? What about Remote Disc (use another computer's optical drive to send the data over wifi to your copmuter), will that work for installing an OS?
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    If you use virtualisation software, don't bother paying for anything, get VirtualBox instead, it's free.

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