Best software for converting video files??

Discussion in 'Mac Applications and Mac App Store' started by DarrenUK, Jan 1, 2013.

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    I have come from a windows PC to a new iMac, some of my video files will not play on the mac (avi, wma etc) so will need converting to MP4. What software can be recommended for this?

    I have had a look in the Mac App Store and have seen a handful of video converters, please can some users advise which is best for the job?

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    Big Stevie

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    I would agree with those above. I use Handbrake for ripping and iFlicks for metadata and cover art.
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    Handbrake is a good tool for converting the files, if they HAVE to be converted. Use VLC ( and you can play almost anything (including WMV).
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    I prefer iFlicks
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    Big Stevie

    Im interested in learning more on iFlicks. I see the latest update has prompted some negative reviews on the App Store.
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    I have had no problems with it as it's used quite alot!
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    Handrake (frequently recommended in other threads as well).

    I'd also recommend trying VLC first.
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    What would you like to know? I haven't seen any problems with the latest update. Download the trial that should give you a good idea of what the software is capable of doing.
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    I agree, best to check if VLC can handle your files, also look into flip4mac (I think that is the name) and Perian. These relate to simple playback of files "as is."

    If having the best sound or image is important and you want to convert your files, make sure not to add additional compression in the process.
  13. Big Stevie, Jan 2, 2013
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    Big Stevie

    Sorry to hijack your thread Darren

    Everything i Guess! :eek: Ive just downloaded the free trial:).

    So I draged an mp4 film into iflicks and saw that it created some artwork that matched the film, and Ive managed to get iFLicks to put the film onto iTunes.

    So am I right in thinking that iflicks has now added lots of metadata to this file? Is there more that iflicks does that I dont know yet?
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    No problem at all.

    Thanks for all of the replies and suggestions, I decided on Smart Converter in the end from the Mac App Store. Just something simple.

    Been using it today and very happy with it. It does just the simple converting that I need it to do and the conversions are quick with good quality results.
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    Big Stevie

    Im pleased you've found your solution Darren:)
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    I like Adapter. :)


    Use VLC on your Mac to play AVI, WMA etc.

    Otherwise use Adapter.
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    It will also convert all your video files that aren't mp4. MKV files are a pain. I have now setup automator to check a specific folder for video files and send them to iFlicks to be converted. iFlicks adds most of the metadata but not always. It's good pratice to double check it.
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    Big Stevie

    Thanks AppleDApp. Im enjoying using this app:)

    iflicks has failed to find any artwork for one of my films, is there anything I can do to prompt it to find it please?
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    HandBrake or iVI if you're prepared to pay $10.
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    I haven't found a way to do so. I usually go over every movie I import to assure that it is properly tagged.

    Does anyone know of a way to get the appropriate metadata for video or audio files?

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