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Best video converter for iPod ?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Macmadant, Dec 20, 2007.

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    i'm soon to be buying a ipod 80GB version, and have a huge amount of TV shows that i want to put on it, but all of them are in divx format, and i basically need some software that can chew through all of them over a couple of nights into ipod format, so any suggestions ?
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    What OS are you running?
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    And if you want to rip straight from your DVDs use Handbrake. Its free and fantastic. As for the other two options, VisualHub costs money while iSquint is free. Of course, you get more features if you pay for VisualHub. Its what I use and im very happy with it.
  6. jnc
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    Score one for iSquint. Drag and drop all the necessary videos and let it do its thing overnight.
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    thanks for your suggestions, think i'll go for isquint
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    I use cosmopod for converting videos. It converts realplayer and others to ipod format. tim
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    Handbrake all the way! You can save your tv shows from a DVD by episode! And thats a big plus for me, besides it lets you customize the settings easily. Did i mention it is also GRATIS?...:apple:

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