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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by redoxinbzz, Sep 8, 2007.

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    I wan't to buy the new iPod touch 16gb and i can't wait for it to apear in my country (Romania) and i would like to buy it from the Italian site where you can preorder it. I have the person in Italy that can buy it for me but i wan't to know if it comes in italian or if it comes in english, i mean the menu.
    And if it does come in italian can i change it?
    Please help. I can't wait to preorder it.
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    You should probably be able to change it.
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    I need to know exactly, does apple have a customer email line so I can ask apple? I mean i know when i had the ipod nano i would choose the language at every time i format it, or reinstall the software.
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    I just read the technical specs for the touch and there is english listed in the list, and i read the same thing at the italian apple store so this means i can select wich language i like right?
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    i cant see you having any problems selecting the english. I cant see it being any different to any other ipod. In the keynote he mentions its available in 20 odd languages and i cant imagine them having a seperate ipod for every language.
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    super then i'm preordering it... i can't wait... :D

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