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Binary is invalid

Discussion in 'iPhone/iPad Programming' started by bvenge, Mar 31, 2010.

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    So I'm trying to upload my first app using iTunes connect and everything works fine except for the Binary file upload. I'm getting the message "binary you uploaded was invalid. It did not contain a .app bundle." I've used an outsourced developer to do the app and they've been sending me demos which I've successfully installed using the iphone config utility.
    Hoever the final files sent look way different when unzipped and i cant even get iphone config utility to accept these files to try to run a final demo first.

    On the contrary when I try the provision testing last demo that worked well, iTunes connect is accepting this.
    I have however not proceeded with the tst provision as I'm not sure Apple will accept this. The demo works fine on th iphone but the files I received are not accepted.

    My question is will apple accept the last working demo i have ? as this is the only file i can upload - acceptable via iTunes Connect
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    Why not contact this outsourced developer and get them to send you the proper stuff?
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    I will in 12 hours time, was hoping to fix it tonight. But will a demo be accepted ?
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    No as it is not signed with a distribution profile.
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    OK Thanks

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