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Discussion in 'Hardware Rumors' started by mnkeybsness, Jul 27, 2001.

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    if G4s are so much faster than P4s, what is intel doing to combat this????
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    Intel is releasing the itanium, which from what Ive heard is supposed to run a similar clock speeds and use power in the same way the G4 does...

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    the itanium is supposedly meant for business computers though - ie windows nt and windows 2000 pro

    sure it's supposed to be powerful, but intel is full of retarded employees(sorry if i offend anyone) they just don't make efficient enough processors
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    this is a local shop for local people

    Yeah true, but you know sum wanna-be geeks will buy it as a home computer. Just to show off that they can get a few gigaflops out of a ****** intel chip.
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    Geeks might buy it but...

    True.. geeks might buy it to show off... but none of there games, apps, hack utils, will run on it right... for at least a while. It probably wont support any high-end hard disk recording apps ether.
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    True. Again there aren't many Intel geeks. Most mac people are Geeks, and all unix people are. The smaller number people there are more die hard fan/Geeks there are.
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    An english mutant fly

    Hmmm, i think i must disagree slightly to that comment on geeks.
    I tend to think mac users are kool compared to pc users.
    If anything just because the Macs r very sexy things, also Jobs has more sexy style than Gates,
    (is it true Jobs used to be a hacker and pissed off gates cos he copied sum of Gates's software back in the early 80s?)
    Although Unix users r geeky.
    I tend to think differently. ;)
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    I hacked into my brain and sorted sum stuff out.
    Yeah i agree a bit about mac users being geeky.
    But mac users give a good impression to non-computer people because the machines r very sexy, whereas wintel-wankers give a bad impression by using grey boxes and boring un-sexy designs.

    I think i will paint a picture to show it all. :)
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    I am a Mac geek and a UNIX geek. I have a Mac at home, a PC on my desk at work (I hope to be getting a Ultra Spark work station soon) and I am a server admin running Solaris 8. I am come to terms with my geekyness... you should too.

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    Bill Clinton's luuurrve shack

    Am i in a state of denial?, am i a geek?
    I am all paranoid now
    So lonely and encased in my own world
    So envious
    So alone
    So cold
    So So cold
    (snaps out of it)

    hmmm, anyway u ahve to admit macs r sexy.
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    Sexy mac's?

    Okay I would call them stylish, not sexy. And it is Simple logic.
    Windows have lots of people = less win geek people
    Mac have less people = more die hard fans, but not all.
    Unix people have Even less are people are mostly hackers or very experenced = all Die hard fans
    Thoughs are THE facts.
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    Sexy mac's?

    Okay I would call them stylish, not sexy. And it is Simple logic.
    Windows have lots of people = less win geek people
    Mac have less people = more die hard fans, but not all.
    Unix people have Even less are people are mostly hackers or very experenced = all Die hard fans
    That is THE fact.
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    I think....

    I think we have a Unix geek example amongst us. Namely, the sysop BLAKESPOT. Man every time this guy speaks, he knows what he is talkin about. He always compares new high tech systems to this old fart NEXT STEP thingy but I guess the guy knows what hes talkin about. Also he speaks like a computer chip. His thoughts are so articulate, almost boolean in nature. All Hail Blakespot. AND MAC USERS ARE NOT GEEKS OK? Look at the typical PC user. Drooling over his tower, updating it with various cheaply produced cards and typing at a speed that would make the programmers of mavis beacon drool. Pale in skin, and glasses.. On the other hand, Mac users are often good lookin girls. so please...

    - Kela
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    I agree with kela

    All my friends are always saying how great their wintel box is. I'm always say" who really cares," because when you have a mac you may not have all the games that windows does but i seem to think the things that you run on a mac go so much faster. When i use the cable modem on my dual 533 g4 it runs faster than on my friends 1.5ghz p4, who also has a cable modem . And also, for some reason many ms users that i know say that mac is to complicated for them to use. They must be really stupid. And kela, alot of the good looking girls i know use macs, for two reasons. they think the mac is cute and the like the mac os so much better than ms os.
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    pulling power

    aha! so macs are chick-magnets? (taking notes)
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    That mean my old imac (233) = SUPER COOL Chick-MAGNET!
    (also taking notes)
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    I am proud to be a geek. I dont dont think Apples make people cool. But they do make geeks cool. My girlfriend likes to give me a hard time about being a geek. But she always tells me, "but your a cool geek", after she bashes me.
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    Re: Geeks

    A normal Bashing isn't so bad.
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    I complain.. but...

    Your right, a little bashing isn't to bad. The first time we realy talked to eachother she defened my geekyness. I was a TA for her class. She and another studdent were in my office asking me questions. When I answered the other students questions... He said "gosh.. your a geek" Then she said "I think smart is sexy" And now we have been dating for about 8 months. .... Oh, and we didnt get together till after the semester was over.. so its all legal :)
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    good 4 you

    Great, next time I really dont need to know about ur Dating life. Sorry.
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    Sexy Macs?

    I don't know what everyone's definition of sexy is, but I was drooling the first time I saw the TiBook.
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    Mee 2

    Man, I tell you The fact that I am missing out on the new G4 Quiksilver or Titanium is like a spear through my heart. I went to the Mac shop here on Friday and saw OS X 10.0.4 running on a G4 733 Quiksilver. OHHHH MYY GOD!!! It was so smoooooth. No slowdown. Then I touched the heat sensitive flat Apple LCD purple thingy and it went off. Ahrjhrjajhrj drool drool. I need one. They are the coolest! I also played this 3D chess. OH MAN!!

    - a drooling Kela
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    My first Tibook experience

    I saw the tibook from a distance and I ran from my office to touch it and then I got it ran back to my desk Proclaming it to be mine. After playing with it for a while it started to get hot too hot and before I found out It burnt my hand. My damn hand was burnt by the damn thing after I used the drool from before to stop the swelling. I'm glad we fixed that problem, oh wait ...

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