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Bluetooth in iPod?

Discussion in 'iPod' started by Dr.Gargoyle, Dec 31, 2005.

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    Ok, I am confused. I am just back from a New Year party (Happy New Year y'all), where I came to discuss Apple products with an old friend of mine. This guy is one of SonyEricssons Bluetooth engineers (Bluetooth as you know was invented by Ericsson) Anyhow, he claims that they (SonyEricsson) since three months back has tested stock iPods for BT compability with SE phones.
    Since I never heard anything about iPods having BT capabilities, I became a bit confused.
    Do you know anything about a BT chip in the 5G iPod???

    In either case, the discussion became a bit heated and ended up in that he either will provide me with pics of a BT enabled iPod this coming Monday or a nice video clip where he devours his own shoes.

    Have I missed something here???

    I have know this guy for years and I know he is one of the main BT developers at SE. On the other hand I do (think I) recall many threads about whether the iPod eventually will have BT capabilities.

    Please set me straight here.
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    I don't think anybody really knows. Rumors of wireless enabled iPods (Airport or Bluetooth) has been flying for years, and that might very well be one of the things introduced at MacWorld. (I personally don't hope so, as I feel wireless iPods is just a gimmick and a waste of money and battery power.)

    Either way I would love to see whatever footage your friend sends you Monday morning... :)
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    Well, either that or a coll videoclip where he eats his shoes. I was very persistent when I claimed that iPods wasnt BT enabled. Since I have know the guys for years i doubt that he can back out of this...
    It would be very much out of his style to claim something that he didn't could back up, so I wouldn't be surprised if he was right... but still...BT enabled iPod??? What the heck would that be good for?
    Syncing? Would take way too long.
    Headsets? Serious battery issues.
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    Right, another thing that was strange was that he claimed this wasn't under any NDA...and yeah he was sober.
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    I bet he means a BT attachment.:rolleyes:
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    As I understood it, he claimed that there already was a BT chip built into the iPod.
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    Wow, Memory Lane. ;)
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    Well, I counter his claim with my own: He is full of **** and you will either end up with: a photoshopped image of a BT chip in an iPod, or a video of him eating a shoe. Besides, didn't Ars rip apart a new iPod and look at all the chips?
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    In normal cases I would agree with you, but since I have know the guy for years I find it a bit odd if he after all these years suddenly began to bs me.
    Still, If I were you, I wouldnt believe myself either.
    The main reason for my post was not an attempt to convince you guys, but more an attempt to sort things out for myself. Either he convinces me or you do... as simple as that :)
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    There are some very inexpensive (< $1) and very low power bluetooth chips on the market now. A Bluetooth chip for a headset would only reduce battery life by around 10%-15%. It might be possible to adopt advances in components to actually increase battery life a little to offset this.
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    I was like thinking about the batterylife of the headset...
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    Apple probably have tested an iPod with Bluetooth/wireless on some level.

    No Bluetooth chip has been seen in any iPods for the public.
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    That is what I thought too. Nevertheless, my friend claims the opposite.
    In either case, I am certainly looking forward to his respons, the worst case senario being a cool videoclip of a guy eating his shoes.:p
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    I was thinking maybe a wireless base... The only way I can see iPods with blutooth is with a accompanying market slogan: "Fusion powered, that's hot"
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    the reply...

    ...and the answer was:

    "check out


    in Search Qualified Products: type "iPod"

    chose: "ProductName"

    (see attached image)

    hmmm... it is not a BT iPod, but rather the tech specs for BT products for the iPod.

    Would you say that this is this sufficient to claim there exist a BT iPod?

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    The ElekTex product is this coat. It does have a controller box that interfaces with an iPod, and the controller also has Bluetooth capability, but the connection to the iPod is by wire.

    BlueTune TX is a plug-in Bluetooth dongle for 3rd and 4th generation iPods.

    NaviPlay is another plug-in dongle solution.

    Your friend will have to try harder :)
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    Hmmm, this could be lend up as a cool "shoe eating" clip.
    We just have to wait and see if he can get some additional proof.
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    Don't give him too long. I really want to see that shoe-eating footage... :D
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    I emailed him right after iMeowbot responded asking him for better "proof".
    .. still waiting for some sign of life... ;) :p

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