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Bluetooth stopped working? Help please

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by maverickuk, Oct 7, 2004.

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    Hi guys, I have recently sent my powerbook G4 back to Apple due to a number of problems, they sent it back unfixed and had to pick it up again, anyhow finally it was fixed and returned 2 days ago.

    Bluetooth was working fine but after a reboot the bluetooth icon is gone from the status bar at the top and I cannot use any bluetooth features, the Mac says no bluetooth hardware found.

    I have tried rebooting and reinstalling the bluetooth software and firmware but nothing is seeming to help.

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    same thing happened to me

    you gotta reset your PRAM

    restart your computer, after the startup chime, hold "CMD, Option, R, P" until you hear a second startup chime. and you should be good :)
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    Hi Jedi, thanks for the reply

    Where is the CMD key? Is that control? 'ctrl'

    I am a newbie Mac user

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    command- is the apple sign or the weird flower...
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    Tried that but still not working.

    I do not even have bluetooth listed in my preferences.

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    Problem fixed.

    I will note down how it was fixed for reference use:

    The guy at Tech support give me the following instruction:

    Turn powerbook off, press 'shift, ctrl, alt and the power buttom' this will reset your mother board and seemed to fix the problem.
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    interesting, never heard of that method. I was able to fix my problem by just resetting the PRAM.
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    in the status bar, mine reads 'Bluetooth: Not available'. If i reset the PRAM/do that motherboard thing, will any other hardware/software be affected? This is bugging me, although I have no idea how it could have happened.
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    Nothing else will be effected in a bad way.

    Both the PRAM and motherboard resets didnt effect my laptop in anyway, it just made my bluetooth start working again.
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    I looked into it more on the apple support boards and found that some people took out their battery then put it back in and it clears it up. Something about power to the USB ports or something... Makes sense to me though because this is the first time it happened, coincidentally enough it was the day after I plugged all my cords into my PB...except the power cord. Thus I was running a printer and an external harddrive off my PB battery. Well I took the battery out, then put it back in and VOILA! bluetooth is back. Problem solved...
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    Bluetooth stopped working? Help pleas

    mine has just died too. ive tried all the tips, removing batteries, zapping PRAMS, and nothing. And I thought the problem was just the dick at teh local apple centre.!!

    Any tips?? :rolleyes:
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    BTW, the BlueTooth module in your laptop is connected to an internal USB connection. You cannot pull it out as it is not a USB dongle thing, but it is hardwired into the USB bus.

    Did you try the motherboard tip? Command+Option+Shift+Power Button

    Also, go to the Apple System Profiler and see if it is listen there. Go to Apple menu->About this Mac and then choose More Info...
    On the right side, choose USB devices and see if it is listed there.

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