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Bluetooth Support

Discussion in 'iOS 7' started by ClemsonSCJ, Sep 20, 2013.

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    I'm getting tired of doing all these iOS updates and losing control on one or more of my devices. When we updated to iOS 6, my dad lost control of his iPhone through his Pioneer head unit and it would no longer display song info also, he could just connect. Now with iOS 7, I can only connect to the Bluetooth unit on my JVC head unit, but it will not control my phone. Why does apple keep dropping more and more Bluetooth support? Shouldn't they be ADDING more support? What exactly DOES work on iPhone now?
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    This isn't an Apple problem but an issues with your head units. you might want to contact them.
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    I did in the case of the pioneer head unit. They said they had researched the issue after attempting to do an update and found out that apple had dropped Bluetooth support got all Parrot systems which is what pioneer uses.
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    Weirdest thing...driving home a little earlier and now all the sudden it decided to start working again. Who knows.
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    I have a new pioneer unit, my iphone 5 worked fine through bluetooth before and after ios 7. Didn't even have to link it to the head unit again after the ios update!
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    Ok so after my last post it quit working again but I figured out that it wasn't the Bluetooth that was the problem, it was my phone itself. I figured out that the music controls in the lock screen wouldn't control the music app or pandora. Just updated to 7.0.2 this morning and everything is working fine now.

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