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Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by Philinator, Apr 4, 2003.

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    I'd like to get a bluetooth keyboard and mouse for my new PB 17". The only ones I've found are Logitech and Microsoft, and the MS ones say they're only compatible with Windows. Anyone know anything about Bluetooth, and its compatibility with the PB?


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    What I know is that there is no bluetooth HID support in the .2.4 OSX, HID is Human Interface Device (if i remember right). In other words, there is no support for bluetooth keyboards or mice in current OS.

    please correct me if I'm wrong on this one cause if have a pb waiting for a BT mouse myself.
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    Then why is it avaliable in the PowerBooks now...
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    Nah. It doesn't support such peripherals. I bought one of the MS Bluetooth Desktops, which included the keyboard an mouse. The Apple Bluetooth saw that there was a device there, but said that it wasn't able to tell what the funtion of that device was. Knowing Apple, they won't allow use of input devices over Bluetooth until they put out their own keyboard and mouse based on the technology.
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    Bluetooth board of directors.

    I was surfing over to the Bluetooth.com website today and noticed that Steve Jobs was not on the list of Directors. Now I have great faith in Bluetooth. I think that connectivity in the home could be dramatically increased if there would be a large industry wide deployment of the technology. That being said, Apple is leading the way in personal computers taking advantage of the technology. Apple is the one of the major companies really creating massive hype about it. Now I would think that if Apple wants to have some say in the direction Bluetooth is heading, they would really push for someone to represent Apple on the Bluetooth Board of Directors. It doesnt eve have to be Steve Jobs; just as long as there is some Apple representation on the Board.

    Lets get this discussion going.

    Why isnt there anyone on the board?
    Do you think Apple has an intrest being there?
    Microsoft is on the Board. Do you think they are keeing Apple off it?

    Just my thoughts.
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    There have been some pretty persistent rumors that Apple will be releasing a wireless bluetooth mouse and keyboard sometime so I would just hold of until then. Like the post above said...they probably won't provide support for it until their own stuff is out. Maybe that's the exact reason support for these devices isn't in the OS yet. If apple does release a BT mouse and keyboard I will buy!!
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    rumors are one of two things:

    things likely to happen in the near future, OR
    people wanting it so bad they keep on talking about it just hoping it may happen

    the trouble we have is to decide which rumor this one is. Will apple make and BT HIDs or not. Will they even allow it to work with the OS natively or will they require 3rd-party drivers?

    all questions that are valid. just a little hard to answer
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    I'm sure that apple wants to have the hardware prepared for BT when they finally release BT HID support, instead of having alot of bluetooth stuff out there and asking mac users to buy a small adaptor to pop in their usb-ports.

    Isnt it so, apple is always trying to see one extra step forward?

    I have strong faith in Apple and that they are going to make full advantage of bluetooth, and we will soon see that BT upgrade of the osX
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    The only products left that don't offer internal bluetooth are the 15" iMac, the eMac, the iBooks, and the 15" Powerbook, all of which (except for the iMac) are due for updates soon. Perhaps well see the bluetooth HID when these products are updated.
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    I think we will see a BT mouse and keyboard when we see new
    PowerMacs. It just seems right to me... :).

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