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Bluray Rips - Max bitrate reached?

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by BuddyRich, Mar 28, 2012.

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    I know some people have said otherwise, but the new ATV3 will only play videos with a maximum bitrate of 25 Mbps or under (keeping to the listed H264 HP L4.0 spec)...

    I just got the Man with No Name Triology on bluray and ripped each with MakeMKV. Remuxed the MKV to an M4V, leaving the video untouched, though re-encoded DTS to AC3 and used Home Sharing via Ethernet to the ATV3 so they would play.

    Of the 3, the Good the Bad and the Ugly played fine. MediaInfo lists its bitrate at 23 Mbps.

    A Fistfull of Dollars (at a whopping 36 Mbps) and A Few Dollars More (28.9 Mbps) both had issues. They would play but the A5 couldn't keep up and I'd get video artifacts. PLenty of the movie had buffered so I don't think it was network related.

    All in all not too bad but I guess they list the L4.0 as the highest profile supported for a reason. (The only difference between 4.0 and 4.1 is the Maximum bitrate 25 vs. 50 Mbps)

    Of course a re-encode will bring that down and should make any bluray rip be playable anyway (not to mention save space... I know space is cheap, but 40GB for a movie is insane).

    Has anyone else encountered anything different?
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    I figured I'd try this as well, I can confirm that I can replicate your results. :cool:
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    Quick question: Is the visual quality of those movies really enhanced in bluray? What is the sound format, mono, stereo, surround?
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    The video is untouched, the audio is AC3 with added 2.0 track.
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    Love the series. Have them in my collection now from dvd. Think I'm going to have to see about finding them on BD and transcoding them.
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    Well, now I have an issue. I just remuxed HBO's ROME Season 1 Episode 1 and my results are surprising. Mediainfo lists this episode at a whopping 28.6 Mbps HP L4.1 and my AppleTV just played it fine. No stutter, no blocking, no nothing, just started playing after 10 seconds of buffer.

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