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Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by stoid, Mar 16, 2002.

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    I had Norton Utilities for the Mac OS 9.0, and when I got a new G4, It won't accept system folder below 9.2. So I wouldn't have to spend another 100 dollars on software I was going to put The 9.2 system folder on the software restore disk onto a CD with the Norton software, and start-up from the new CD. I have Toast Titanium, and I went to the help and it said that for a CD to be bootable, you just had to put it in Mac OS CD, (not Mac OS Extended) and it would be bootable. I did this, and I tried to boot from the CD, (by selecting it in start-up disk system preference (in 10.1.3) and it didn't work. It loaded up 10.1.3 anyway. What gives, I really need to defrag my HD as I do heavy video projects. One thing I didn't try though is to boot first from 9.2.2 and then try to boot from the CD, will that make a difference?? Has anyone else had this problem?

    Just tried loading from 9.2.2, the CD is grayed out in the startup disk control panel inn 9.2.2.
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    boot cd 101

    I have a bootable utility cd that I have created and use daily at work. It has Diskwarrior2, TechTool Pro 3.x and Norton Utilities 6 on it. You might have to experiment a little to get it to work 100% but here is the basics (hence the 101).

    Take the software installer cd that came with your computer (NOT the restore), and make a disk copy image of it. Make SURE that you set Disk Copy to allow you to read/write to the image or you will have to make it again. Once you do that, insert the Norton cd into your drive, and start pulling parts from it onto the disk image. Put extensions, preferences and the like where they go on that cd onto the image (you will need to mount it first). Move the Norton Utilities application folder to the base/root level of the image as well. When you go to burn this image to cd, make SURE that you use Toast, so that you can make it a bootable cd (haven't found the option under Apple's disc burner application, but I have Toast 5 deluxe/retail).

    See if you can get the cd that you just burned to boot your system, and then run the utilities. If it works, then you are done. If not, play around with items, see about updating Norton on the cd and such. You do have the option of installing Norton onto your computer and then moving the parts from there, but I wouldn't unless you REALLY know what you are doing and get get ALL of them. Missing one item can cause issues both on your system, and the cd you are creating..
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    Write in 9.2

    I found the problem, I did everything right except, the help manual forgot to mention that to make a OS9 Boot disk you must re-start into OS9 and burn from there. I did, and so now everything works, I successfully made a boot disk.

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